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Legally rip your opponents cards to pieces

Unformat Theme/Gimmick W/U (Azorius)


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Basically the combo is -
1. Play Chaos Confetti / Blacker Lotus .
2. (optional) Mycosynth Lattice makes all permanents artifacts so that Mirrorweave effects ALL of your opponent's cards (not just their creatures). Note: This only works if using March of the Machines and their lands will just die.
3. Play March of the Machines OR play Tezzeret the Seeker and use his +1 so that you can use his -5 ability after step #4 during the opponent's turn (for Blacker Lotus you must use Tezzeret) to turn all non-creature artifacts into creatures. ( Chaos Confetti / Blacker Lotus is an artifact creature that you can use Mirrorweave on now)
4. Mindslaver to take your opponents turn.
5. During that turn, use Mirrorweave targeting your Chaos Confetti / Blacker Lotus .
6. Rip all of your opponents cards into pieces.
Note: You could also sub out some islands for swamps in order to use Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas in place of Tezzeret the Seeker or in conjunction with him. Also, using Master of Etherium/similar cards could allow you to tear up the opponent's lands if using step 2 (thanks jp3ngu1nb0y)


Updates Add

So I recently checked my e-mail and found a lot of update alerts for this deck! Sorry I'm a bit late for most, but for anyone checking out the deck from now on, I've made a few improvements. First, I clarified the use of Tezzeret in step #3 because some people were having trouble understanding that. Also, after seeing the comment by dorminjake I added the other Tezzeret as a possibility.
Finally, I'd like to address Moobu and any other people who may feel this deck idea is theirs. I certainly don't take credit for the idea of this combo, but neither should you. The Chaos Confetti + Mirrorweave combo has been around for a LONG time, though most people never thought to use it in conjunction with Mindslaver and other cards included here. For that reason, I took the time to search for various cards that uniquely add to the combo in order to make something new. Also, Moobu claims to have "posted this combo like two years ago". Well sorry bub, but this deck itself was posted more than two years ago, let alone the fact that nothing like it is on your account and that I've had the idea for even longer than two years to construct a deck like this.


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