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Why should anyone play Enchantress in Legacy?

The first answer is of course the fact, that you might like the deck and that it is cheap (by legacy standards). ;-) Just in case you are interested, I uploaded a budget-version of this deck. You can find it here:

550$ Budget Legacy Enchantress (No Emrakul)

An ultra budget version for casual players can be found here:200$ ULTRA Budget Legacy Enchantress (No Emrakul)

The more compelling answer to why you should play enchantress might be the fact, how adaptable Enchantress is to different meta environments.

It is one of the few decks which can run Rest in Peace in the maindeck and has a sideboard packed with hate for several different decks (which can be of course easily adapted to the meta).

The Rest in Peace maindeck works wonders against any graveyard based strategy, be it Dredge decks, Life from the Loam and Punishing Fire in Lands decks, any Deck running Snapcaster Mage or a "casual" Tarmogoyf. It even shuts down Gurmag Angler which is a real winoption for Grixis Delver decks these days.

The sideboard hate consist among others of Leyline of Sanctity which helps in burn matchups, UR Delver or even against discard heavy black decks running Liliana of the Veil. Tailored to fight most delver decks and elves aswell the sideboard has three Trinisphere (coincidence?) coming down as early as turn two. Most decks can barely fight through this and a resolved sphere is the k.o. for any storm deck. Another hate card which hits several decks is the infamous Blood Moon. It disables a variety of decks relying heavily on a diverse mana base and it shares some target decks with the Trinisphere. The other cards pack some situational hate against counterheavy matchups (City of Solitude) or decks running Force of Will in general (Gaddock Teeg). Packing a Humility is no bad either either to handle big creatures with ease aswell as smaller utility creatures like Monastery Mentor.

As you can imagine, there is seldom a sideboard card suitable for only one deck but for a wide variety of archetypes being prevalent in the curent meta. This is what makes enchantress such a flexible deck to play at a tournament.

Now I want to dive into the maindeck.I play three winoptions, and none of them is an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. The reason is a very personal one: I believe Emrakul takes away the fun in playing magic like no other card ever printed. I hate playing against it and I hate plaing it myself. Period.

My winoptions are Words of War , Helm of Obedience and Sigarda, Host of Herons. The words are also a maindeck utility card against elves, Delver of Secrets  Flip and Deathrite Shaman. The helm works as a 2-card kill combo with Rest in Peace which mills the opponent entirely, since their cards never hit the graveyard and therefor never get checked by an activated helm (activation still costs one mana though). Sigarda is a more complex card and might aswell run in the sideboard. She is a tough blocker, a four turn clock and she protects you against an opposing emrakul. Besides all this she lets your opponent frown upon the most removal spells their maindeck might feature. The most common way to win with this enchantress list is to draw either a rip or a helm, tutor the other part and win in a turn thanks to Serra's Sanctum which provides a lot of mana, once the deck gets going.

And here we are now, wondering what really gets this deck going... glad you asked, it is all about the ladies, more specific the namesake enchantress effects. Either in Argothian Enchantress or the Enchantress's Presence. Eidolon of Blossoms and Green Sun's Zenith are the enchantress effect 9-13 and help to form the absolute core of the deck. Your main goal is to resolve one enchantress effect turn three or earlier if possible. Without them the deck lacks carddraw, and that is what the deck is best at.

To provide early enchantresses there are some ramp enchantments, which convert to cantrips once a enchantress stays on board: Wildgrowth and Utopia Sprawl. The golden rule is to enchant only basic lands with those two, until you are 100% sure the opponent does not play any Wasteland . Especially for Utopia Sprawl it is important to focus on basic forests, since it can easily be dispatched by a Blood Moon!The more enchantresses you can assemble, the faster the deck will run towards victory.

Getting several of the ladies on board can be hard sometimes, and that is where we hit the second main goal of the deck: protecting itself from harm aka buying some time. Buying time is no joke in a format playing as fast as legacy, but here come our maindeck resolutions for multiple angles of attack an opponent might run: Elephant Grass , Solitary Confinement and Oblivion Ring.

While the grass has four copies, the other two safety cards come as two offs only. While the grass is easy to cast and keep up, it can be difficult to pay for the upkeep effects of the confinement, even if you already have one enchantress running! This is also the reason why you play the grasses more easily than the confinement. The o-rings are reserved for targets, we cannot shut down with either grass or confinement. Knocking out Liliana of the Veil feels as good as slamming your o-ring on the table uppon a resolving Show and Tell .

To get what you need in every situation the deck runs Mirri's Guile, Sterling Grove and Enlightened Tutor. The last also helps finding a missing helm in the right situation.

The right situation is another good topic:

This deck is in no way an easy deck to pilot. Especially winning with Words of War and several enchantress effects is a task you can solve only by calculating a lot and keeping a good eye on manacolours, the correct stacking of triggers and the question, how fast you can win. Furthermore important is the qustion how fast the opponent can win, since it helps you to estimate at which time you need to play a security card. Therefor you need a good knowledge about the meta and about the different decks the meta includes. Playing around Force of Will is daily bussiness in legacy, but since enchantress decks can play several threats a turn, you actually can bait out counters.

As hard as the deck is to play, as rewarding is it. Winning by carefully setting up your defenses and doing all the math you need for your Words of War is as satisfying as using a Solitary Confinement as Time Walk and get a spontaneous win with the Helm of Obedience + Rest in Peace combo after tutoring for one of both parts.

I love playing the deck since it is a challenge as well as it is a bliss to play with all the synergy enchantress provides! I hope I could catch your interest in this deck :-) should there be any questions, let me know, I will answer them gladly.

Have a good day and thanks for reading


I did some hypergeometric calculation for this deck and tried to evaluated the chances to get two enchantresses on the table or at least play them (this is of special importance since we have to assume our first attempt gets countered). Therefor I looked closely at the possibility of playing two ore more enchantresses by your 3rd turn.

I used the advices from this article:


And I calculated how possible it is to reach the goal of this deck: Drawing 2 enchantresses by turn 3 (this means you can cast one and still try to resolve another one the following turn).

On the play: Your chances to draw a second enchantress or more by your third turn are 63%.

On the draw: Your chances to draw a second enchantress or more by your third turn are 69%.

So if your starting hand has only one enchantress (36%) do not worry, the chances of you getting another enchantress are on your side ;-)



Hi Lithusael,

I also made a meta breaking deck with sideboardversions for all kind of decks. Here is one for your deck - please let me know what you think: Flammendes Schwert 18 thank you in advance.

May 27, 2017 2:58 p.m.

Lithusael says... #2

Hi Flammendes Schwert,to be honest I expect your deck to run into a lot of troubles at any legacy event due to its inconsistant maindeck build and the many subpar cardchoices. If you want to power out some cards like admonition angel early you should run more dark rituals. And since you rely on several maindeck cards with 2 or even 3 mana symbols I would advice you to play more scrublands. But this are only a few things to mention about your deck. The main point is the questionable consistency. Yo have too many one ofs without enough card draw or tutor effects to find them if you need them. Coming back to your question:

I think you have several cards working well against me in the maindeck already. Discard und untargeted removal like wrath of god, zealous persecution or councils judgement deal with my enchantresses pretty easily. Disenchant, fracturing gust and the vindicate effects deal with several other threats but I believe you play not enough of the cards you really want to draw into. Hymn to tourach is a killer card, yet you play only one (and instead of more of it you play castigate).

The sideboard offers sadly several targeted removal which does not affect my creatures at all. Containment priest is good against green suns zenith of course, but again, it will be one card without to much card draw and tutoring on your side so it will be mere luck if you draw it in the right moment.

Maybe you can write some lines on your deck to let people know why you choose which card. Understanding this can let other people help you much more easily. Some people build decks with card they have only, and this is totally fine! In fact, this is how I started my enchantress deck long time ago. With time I added card after card to get it looking good and furthermore: working good! The last tournament I played in was 05/2017 and my deck went 2/3/1 (wins/losses/draws).

May 28, 2017 7:54 a.m.

Lithusael says... #3

A general procedure when building a deck is to figure out what your deck is best at and how you can use this to win against your opponent. Maybe have this in mind and try to play more copies of cards you estimate as valuable for your general gameplan.

The sideboard should improve your deck against bad matchups but the maindeck should follow a certain gameplan when it comes to the question how you win an how you play in particular.

May 28, 2017 8:09 a.m.

baermudas says... #4


I played my enchantress list on many legacy events and I'am a big fan of Emrakul mainboard. It's the safest wincon, because he can't be countered! Apart from that your list looks great!

May 28, 2017 8:48 a.m.

loricatuslupus says... #5

Interesting looking list - I'm always keen to look into anything that bills itself as fairly budget in order to try out more Legacy play (my only Legacy deck was built simply from cards I loved too but is now actually relatively reasonable). Also a big fan of anyone working around the sheer boredom that is Emrakul...

Anyway, my question is: do you think this deck can remain viable - even at a lower level - with a cheaper land base? There is no way I'd consider shelling out for that just to try a deck out, and I'm only wondering because I've recently built a Modern Jund deck with no shocks or fetches that, to my surprise, barely ever has mana problems. Would the amount of card draw be sufficient to counter the increased chances of drawing land without the latter in this deck, or would you suggest maybe running other tutors (say more Mystical) to thin the deck and maybe concentrate on the Helm combo finish? I know Legacy is a different beast but sometimes just doing the unexpected can make all the difference in how your opponent reacts. Anyway thanks for posting this, certainly given me some ideas!

May 29, 2017 3:47 a.m.

Lithusael says... #6

Hello Sir,

I think this deck works out very well without the dual base at all. I played it very Long with shocklands and even longer ago I played it without any Shocks or duals (thought it didnt Feature red at this time).

I started my "career" with enchantress on creature and aura based winconditions in a more casual Environment. The more i got into the legacy ideas of deckbuilding, the deeper I got into the combo part of enchantress. I can try building a viable budget version of this deck if you are interested. I think this should be fairly doable.

Running the rip/helm combo is a bliss and can be an explosive wincondition, but you should always Keep an eye out for another win condition, since countermagic is the heart of legacy... I saw an interesting list featuring 2 gitaxian probe alongside one City of solitude in the main deck, maybe i can put this in the Budget Version aswell.Since it will take some time thinking about it, I guess I will be able to build it at wednesday evening.

best regards :-)

May 29, 2017 5:13 a.m.

Lithusael says... #7

If anyone is interested: I added a budget version of this deck.

You can find it here:


May 31, 2017 5:21 p.m.

loricatuslupus says... #8

Thanks for the reply, I'll look into it. It's always fun trying to get around the "buy to win" that seems pretty prevalent in Eternal formats - my own Legacy has only been affordable because I've created it over a long period, had some very lucky wins on eBay and most importantly of all runs 16 basic lands and 4 Leechridden Swamps as a land base...

June 2, 2017 11:15 a.m.

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