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Hi there,this is my current list of my legacy enchantress deck. It is to most concerns a typical enchantress deck, but since I evolved it from a creature/aura based enchantress deck (Ancestral Mask, Rancor, Endless Wurm, Tethered Griffin, Faith Healer), over a combo-based list with Words of War as wincondition to its current form, I have two cards unusual for Enchantress Decks:Mirri's Guile and Emerald Charm

(EDIT: Since a few years Mirri's Guile is a common addition to Enchantress Decks. I already used it when I played the creature based list...)

Mirri's Guile is the little (but much cheaper) sister of the good old sylvan lybrary. It triggers the enchantress effects for one green mana and lets you take a good look at you cards to come. It is especially useful in combination with Windswept Heath.

Emerald Charm is a more narrow card. Although it has three different effects to choose from, I play it as a semi-ramp spell with either Forest+Wild Growth+Utopia Sprawl or with Serra's Sanctum. Of course there is alsways the possibility to use it as a green Demystify, but the acceleration effect is the main reason for this card to be on my list.

I do not play an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn although I play a set of Green Sun's Zenith. The reason is a very personal one: I hate winning with Planeswalkers or with the biggest creature ever printed. Derived from the evolution of my Enchantress decks, I enjoy playing the combo enchantress the most so in simple words: I want to win by using the pathe to victory I put the most effort in. Any Deck can ramp to infinity and beyond or cheat an Emrakul in to swing for win... but only enchantress can bubble up with Solitary Confinement or Elephant Grass until Sigil of the Empty Throne shows up. As second win strategy I run the Helm of Obedience+Rest in Peace Combo. Rest in Peace is a nice sideboard card against any dredge or loam decks, so making a use of this card in the main deck is a cool option. Before adding this secondary win strategy, I used to play 1-2x Replenish which was a really strong card back then, but lost its eligibility due to Rest in Peace.

For the future I consider adding a set of Leyline of Sanctity to the sideboard, for more consistancy against any decks running Duress or Thoughtseize. The journey of collecting the cards used in this deck one-by-one makes me very proud of it and due to its evolution it is the most fun deck to play, atleast if you ask me :-) including the sideboard you sooner or later come to a point, from which you can answer almost every possible thread. This deck is the true incarnation of the saying: "Nature finds its way"



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