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Secret Agent Man (Non-Combo Lazav Multifarious)

Commander / EDH*



The idea is to pilot this deck as a dimir control deck while slowing gaining resources and setting up soft combo kill. The deck does not contain a single infinite combo, because I play with a 75% group and we don't love them.

These creatures in the yard can get infect kills if I can sneak Lazav in for damage.

Vector Asp + Phyrexian Dreadnought

Vector Asp + Wall of Blood

Blighted Agent + Wall of Blood

Necrotic Ooze, while normally used as a combo kill, is great in this deck even though I don't run the Grimgrin or Phyrexian Devourer Combo. On the field or in the yard it copies all sorts of abilities, my favorite being Tree of Perdition to set a life total at 3. With Pili-Pala and in the yard as well you can pretty much control the life totals of the table at will.

The deck has two glaring weaknesses, graveyard hate and combat damage. I run Disallow, Trickbind, and nimble Obstructionist to combat grave hate. The deck doesn't really ever build much of a board state so I need to play heavy into politics to stay alive. If that doesn't work I have a pretty good selection of sweepers.

In my few games so far the deck has been very fun to play and feels pretty powerful.

Considering Drake Haven as a random payoff for all the discard effects in the list. Could be an interesting way to build a board presence without having to commit too many resources to the board.


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