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Laying out a white RUG - Jeskai Ascendancy cEDH

Commander / EDH*



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Thought experiment using Jeskai Ascendancy in cEDH.

Have a good number of mana dorks and Kydele in the command zone for mana generation.

So, Jeskai Ascendancy is the namesake card. Lets build a few extra for redundancy and higher consistency in the deck

Untapping the dorks:
Paradox Engine
Intruder Alarm
Aggravated Assault
Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal

Draw the Cards:
Unifying Theory
Selvala, Explorer Returned
Staff of Domination

So we have a decent number of ways of untapping everything and drawing cards from each untap.

If Jeskai Ascendancy is used to pump creatures extra combat phases can gained through aggravated assault to end the game that turn. Concordant Crossroads gives creatures haste for combat wins, Thousand-Year Elixir gives haste for mana production.

The basic workings of the deck is to get mana dorks and Kydele out as fast as possible. Then we draw cards. Kydele gets us a huge mana advantage from drawing cards. Using the large mana advantage, work towards either storming off into one of the following wins:

Infinite mana + Blue Sun's Zenith to mill the the table.Infinitely large dudes with Ascendancy.Infinite attackers with Sprout Swarm.Infinite Combats with Aggravated Assault.

Bruse is mainly there for colors and the fact that we don't have a sufficient number of artifacts to really work with Akiri. Additionally if we get to the Aggravated Assault point but don't have an overwhelming force, double strike can punch through the initial blockers and weaken the defenses so that we get overwhelming.

Recent changes: overhauled the creature and artifact mana suite. Went to a larger creature focus and adjusted several card draw spells.

As a note, we are light on countermagic and removal. We probably need a Nature's Claim and a Crop rotation in here. More playtesting is required.

Most recent cuts:
-zhur-taa druid
+magus of the candelabra
-gemhide sliver
+selvala, heart of the wild
+words of wisdom
+deep analysis
-aetherflux reservoir
+chord of calling
-wooded foothills
+nythos, shrine to nyx


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