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Modern BG (Golgari) Midrange Rock



The Rock represents one of the possible variants of the GBx archetype. GBx decks are essentially any midrange deck having green and black as their primary colours.

Whether the deck splashes for a third colour (blue for Sultai, white for Abzan, red for Jund) or not, they all fall under the GBx umbrella.

The Rock is a powerful and efficient deck with a common strategy no matter the variant: out-grinding your opponent with a war of attrition, using the format's best forms of discard and removal spells. It forces a pilot to truly understand its proper lines of play, and how you react to opposing decks. It's well positioned to respond to any type of deck during your game 1, and should have catch-all answers in your sideboard for games 2 and 3.

If you want to interact with your opponent, stop them from executing their gameplan and win the game with some of the most powerful threats in modern's current climate, then the Rock is the right choice for you.

The GB Rock is a deck that has a fairly marginal advantage over its other tri-colour variants with regards to the almost pain-free manabase, which really helps getting an advantage over any aggressive strategies like Humans, Merfolk or Burn.

Guilds of Ravnica have been gracious enough to give us Assassin's Trophy which is a lovechild of Path to Exile and Vindicate - furthering our reach as to the number of decks we can oppress.

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