Your typical Mayael the Anima stomp deck, complete with huge creautres and lots of ramp. My personal favorite and most popular deck on this site was my Naya Godsire deck so It's surprising to me that It took me so long to make an EDH deck in the same fashion, but I digress. I run 37 lands, 28 of which are basic. The reason being, simply, that most of the ramp lets me only find basic lands. So with out them the cards are dead. The cards that let me search for Forest, Mountain, or Plains cards, also work with the shock lands. Along with the huge stompers, are the utility creatures, like Spellbreaker Behemoth and Godtoucher . They either give me perks for controlling big creatures like in the case of Drumhunter, or they give abilities to the big guys like Bloodthorn Taunter does. And what does green need more than anything? A way to get what you need! Green tutors are amazing. Obviously Green Sun's Zenith , and Chord of Calling can be powerful, but if you can combo together some tutors you can shut down your opponents fast. Natural Order is just nuts. Don't need your Birds of Paradise anymore? Here, have a Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger. Once hes out, you can pretty much go nuts and play everything in the deck with only 4 lands out! Primal Command, Tooth and Nail, Genesis Wave, Congregation at Dawn, Eladamri's Call , Worldly Tutor, Fauna Shaman, Captain Sisay, Fierce Empath, Wild Pair and of course our esteemed general Mayael the Anima are all ways to get creatures you want faster. All 3 Praetors that fit in Naya are all present and ready to play, because lets face it, If I can have double mana, and +2/+2 creatures with haste, Ill take that offer. And considering I've had all 3 turn 6 before, thats pretty much GG. To top the deck are a few cards that just help win faster. Mayael's Aria , and Mighty Emergence help buff our big fatties with +1/+1 counters. With those counters, Warstorm Surge, Where Ancients Tread and Mage Slayer help get some massive damage in regardless of blockers. And last but not least, Hunting Grounds. How could this card not make it in the deck??? You wanna kill one of my creatures? Thanks! I'll play one for free!!! Board wipes especially feed the Threshold requirement. Please feel free to suggest changes. I love feedback :) I want to make another really strong beast deck because lets face it, Green in any form is one of the weaker colors. Lets make green the most formidable color in magic!


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