This is a work in progress azorius style deck. The sweet thing about lavinia is that shuts down opponents' mana rocks, ramp and cheated spells. So, the main goal of the deck should be slowing down opponents (so they can understand the RULES of Ravnica) while ramping into a better position with our mana rocks. Having mana rocks allow us to play mass land destruction without thinking. In case, counters help sometime.

The lock down pieces are Knowledge Pool and Omen Machine with Lavinia that breaks the simmetry. I think Dream Halls can help.

Still waiting for the next Ravnica set cards!

Looking for suggestions! Let's improve this little cancer together!


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After playtesting the deck in my Group I realised the lack of draw, so I dropped some expensive pieces for better draw Engine. Aldo, added some really nice creature and Smothering Tithe that is insanely good with land destruction!


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