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Lavinia Weelhouse EDH

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The inspiration of this deck came from Smothering Tithe and how best to break it. Blue has the best wheels and mass group-drawing spells and was therefore essential. White is necessary for Smothering Tithe but also has good enchantment tutor options such as Enlightened Tutor . In reviewing red and black commander options, I felt that these colors weren't completely necessary. I ended up choosing card:lavinia, azorious renegade over Grand Arbiter Augustin IV as an option as it provides the best on-curve protection and enables other great strategies as well as being a card I wanted to try.

Smothering Tithe into wheel spells like Timetwister is fantastic as we easily get 10+ mana out of the deal, allowing us to chain more wheel spells. Cards like Fascination allow us to draw incredible amounts of cards and get incredible amounts of treasure tokens in return. From there we need only have a critical mass of counterspells or effects like Silence , so that each new hand has some potential interaction and can go off interrupted.

Another means of getting there is a large count of mana rocks and Paradox Engine to achieve similar results. Mana rocks are synergistic with Lavinia as we will be ramping ahead of our opponents.

The final great synergy with Lavinia in particular is Dream Halls . While this does'nt work with group draw X spells, casting wheel spells for free negates the "downside" of dream halls even further by giving us fresh hands and shuffling our discarded spells back into our library.

Some of the weaker non-X group draw cards like Vision Skeins can of course be dropped in favor of more interaction.

Wheels spells are fantastic for cEDH as a turn 2 Timetwister can really make our opponents question their opening hand decisions upon resolution. The risk of wheeling into opponent interaction is a statistical risk that is hopefully minimized through critical mass of interaction. It also never hurts to be an azorious player and to sit back and control the game until players are tapped out. Lavinia helps here again as it is really difficult for players to interact with 0 mana answers and/or rely on mana rocks.

Our wincon is Blue Sun's Zenith . Mostly for style points, but also because with Smothering Tithe out we get our mana back -UUU

Knowledge Pool also has potential in this deck despite being somewhat a non-bo!

Let me know what you think!


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