Neheb, the Eternal EDH. Tired of long commander games? Well why not hurt everyone including yourself to speed it up!

Neheb, the Eternal

The idea of this deck is to exploit Neheb's second ability to produce as much mana as possible then throw it into a burn spell, second attack phase, or a dump a lot of perms/a large perm into play.

Enablers: Small damage to everyone to start off the ramp. Show

with that mana, use it to put into even bigger spells. Or to double combat for the creatures that survive for a finisher with Aggravated Assault or Seize the Day.

Aggravated Assault can infinite combo with the commander

Finishers Show

With all this extra mana, draw card is needed of course. Try to use the expendable mana first before tapping lands if possible.

Let me know what you think! Should be a quick game of commander regardless if you survive or not.


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