Basketball players? Obscene hand gestures? Really, really, really bad movies? Nope. It's Pauper Bird Tribal!

What started off as a mono-blue control deck turned into an Azorius Tribal Birds deck because I really wanted to use/abuse Airborne Aid . This is why Pauper is such a great format...old seventeen cent cards that are useless in most other formats, yet you can build a fun and inexpensive decks around them.

Looks like this deck might be getting 2 new cards with the release of CoreSet2020: Aerial Assault and Winged Words , but the question is are they better than what is already here?

Do you love Pauper? New to the format?

Please check out my profile page eyes2sky...I currently have over 50 Pauper decks for you to check out...maybe you'll be inspired to build some pauper decks...thanks for looking and for helping spread the Pauper love!


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