A deck I've been putting lots of work into, trying to polish it and make it playable while still keeping the cost low. It's meant to be as flexible and cheap as possible more than anything, which does sacrifice some playability. Deny, Take, Deny! That's this deck's motto. Any card they have is now yours. Although Lazav makes this deck much more "Legal", it's not optimal for the strategy I'm going for here. Milling is largely a failsafe so I can still actually manage something without using other people's decks as a crutch. Oh and yes, 374.99$ of the cost is attributed to Brainstorm. Apparently buying giant boxes of random cards that were intended as rent payment ends in your favor >.>


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Thanks to getting tons of really expensive cards for free (Demonic Tutor, Foil Yavimaya Hollow, you name it), I decided to spice up the deck.


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