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Landfall strengthened Kiora Deck

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Thanks for viewing my deck.

This is the first half of I guess two decks that spawned out of my Kiora Vs. Elspeth dual deck. It started by taking two of those decks, smashing them together, and throwing additional things in to strengthen it. Then I felt that the deck did okay running off of Draw power and landfall, but felt like two decks running a single ability would work better. I was right about the draw power side, not so right about this landfall side.

Honestly, this deck doesn't work and I can't quite figure out why. It should have everything needed but it just ends up being too slow against anything else. I think maybe it's a bit too convoluted. Landfal for U/G doesn't seem to have many cheap drops, so they're all fairly late game cards, the early game ends up being a problem, and by late game it's kind of too little too late. As you can probably tell by how I talk about it, I'm not very happy with this deck, it's supposed to be my main deck, but it's just a mess right now. Advice is very much needed and appreciated. Also Short of things like Snapcaster Mage and Cryptic Command budget isn't really an issue for me. If I need to drop cash on some cards, I will if it means this deck becomes my pride and glory again.

Recommendations for sidboarding are also strongly encouraged.


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