I feel like a little chaos here and there is a good thing. This is my idea of that chaos.

The only help I need on this is making it work well, in the sense of either faster or stronger, because where it stands now it's all just to ensure a fun game


Turntimber Basilisk is a card I'm still unsure with, i feel the table wipe that can come from him would be nice, however I get the feeling that a lot can replace him, to boost the efficiency of the deck, whether it's more land ramp or something completely different.

I can run an infinite mana combo with Fastbond + Grazing Gladehart + Storm Cauldron as I can tap land, land goes to hand then goes back onto field with me gaining 1 life, infinite amount of times as mana burn doesn't exist. Also would work decent on pumps and creatures like Omnath, Locus of Mana

Additional Info

I am using the Side Board, on the idea if I want the original concept to shift a little to make it more competitive, as well just give me the advantage like it should, the Maybe Board is if I want to take this deck a completely different direction and make it more into a control. Which, to be honest, would just have my friends hate on me even more.


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