Originally this was supposed to be just about Land Destruction in Standard but I tweaked it to the point that it has a little bit of everything.

Between your ramp to Tamiyo or Nicol Bolas and the land destruction from Bramblecrush and Acidic Slime/Cloudshift your opponents will be on their toes as to what to try to defeat first.

You can also control the game from Dungeon Geists/Restoration Angels/Cloudshift/Snapcaster Mage abuse.

Once Omniscience becomes legal you can go "infinite" with tamiyo ultimate. Play free slime (destroy a land) ---> play free cloudshift target your slime ----> target their land on reentry or just play free Bramblecrush. Or just add in a sideboard that allows you to do whatever crazy stuff you want. (If you can use Tamiyo ult in Miracles why not here?)


Took out the cloudshifts and snapcaster. Added in oblivion ring and dissipate for a control feel and protection. I added in venser and contagion clasp to speed up the counters and ult faster to trigger infinite combo kill with Omniscience. Moved Bolas to the sideboard.


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