1st fnm! 2-0-2

Ok here we go with the issues I ran into and killed two people with ease as well (not literally lol)

Match 1:: lambholt/tokens vs something awful

Round 1: intangible +lingering+lambholt+ gather the townsfolk easy win

Round2: same thing but much faster

Results:: 1-0-0

Match 2:: lambholt/tokens vs solar flare

Round 1: well I mulliganed to 4 and had two lands the whole time def a loss

Round 2 : I mulliganed and Power shuffled into one mana land hands and got killed again wtf

Match 3: faced a lot of control couldn't play anything and out of both games I recieved 3lands wtf again

Results : obviously 1-0-2

Match 4: lambholt/tOkens vs red/green miracle vexing devil fling

Round 1 &2 was less then 4min I killed him bad with a lot of tokens and intangibles

Final result : 2-0-2

So I'm having mana trouble as of coming out so maybe more lands but I'm going to add abundant growth since it will help a lot and also let's me draw a card. Please some feed back from this and my new update for the deck. Hamlet captain did eh I might try him again idk .

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