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Kynaios and Tiro, Enchanters of Meletis [PRIMER]

Commander / EDH Enchantment Four Color Goodstuff Pillow Fort Primer RGWU


Kynaios and Tiro are my dad

I have been playing since around Gatecrash, at first playing 60-card casual "Modern", until I was introduced to EDH a couple of years later. I generally like playing powered-up casual; I run a fairly tuned Omnath, Locus of Rage deck with a Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle combo and Dark Depths / Thespian's Stage combo, but our playgroup isn't the kind that thinks Mana Crypt s, Force of Will s, and its ilk are auto-includes in all decks.

This particular deck is my baby. I know that enchantress decks are a dime a dozen, but it's just so enjoyable to play and build.

With the release of the 2018 Commander decks, we finally were given dedicated bant enchantress commanders. 2 of the legends revealed are incredibly powerful, and if you build a deck around them, would probably be better than this deck ever could.
Tuvasa the Sunlit is the bant-enchantress of our dreams, especially if we get a flash-effect on board. However, I feel like the consistent card-draw stapled to her would make the deck too powerful and consistent. That being said, she probably should get a slot in the 99 at some point.
Kestia, the Cultivator just screams voltron, and that's just not my style.
Estrid, the Masked is too good. There, I said it. She's unarguably the best commander printed in the enchantress deck, and her uptick basically being insane ramp makes her incredibly powerful. If I ever did anything with her, it'd be Enchant-Land tribal.
Karametra, God of Harvests is the OG selesnya enchantress commander. While her effect isn't bad, the more creature-based focus is something I've strayed from; the dedication to only two colors is also not irrelevant.
I don't like the idea of running Zur the Enchanter because having a tutor in the command zone tends to make the games too consistent and predictable; it also makes it feel-bad to exclude typical auto-includes.
Adding red allows for some cool and interesting enchantments to include. I also like that the card in the command zone is reliably but not too powerful. Also who doesn't love to see the kings show up?
I love to min-max my deck building. I've done a couple things to make this deck interesting as a result. The first is that almost half the deck is enchantments. This is to maximize enchantment synergy and because more enchantment = more on theme. The second stipulation is that the deck is tuned for Primal Surge . With only 6 instant and sorceries in the deck including the surge itself, you should (approximately) get about 20 cards off of each Primal Surge. Since 1-card wincons are incredibly uninteresting as far as I'm concerned, I don't think the deck will reach a point where Primal Surge is the only instant or sorcery. Also, since the deck's been built in such a way, we run Hive Mind for that extra spice.

This deck has far from an optimized mana-base, as it would probably be better off with a shock/fetch package and duals. That being said I have made many considerations for the deck while still keeping it relatively budget. We run 2 of each basic so that we are able to get any hit off of Myriad Landscape early game, and a higher than necessary density of basics for the rogue Blood Moon or Back to Basics that might go my way. The bicycle lands are great in the deck as they both fetchable with Krosan Verge and pitchable late game if we need the draw. Occasionally the manlands come in handy when getting aggro'd or to progress the gamestate when the board is stalled. They are very much not necessary, however.

When ever you cast an enchantment, draw a card. With almost 50 enchantments in the deck, this adds up quickly. Notably Eidolon of Blossoms (and any subsequent creatures if Enchanted Evening is out) won't trigger if Torpor Orb is out.

Usually just bad, but on occasion shines. Notably triggers off of opponent's enchantments too, which becomes dangerous if you happen to have Enchanted Evening out since the draw is required.

A one-sided Howling Mine that scales if you hit more Shrines.

Probably the best card draw in the deck. Perhaps too good. I might cut it since the deck is already dense with enchantresses, but a solid card nonetheless.

With land-destruction being taboo and only the rogue Strip Mine to worry about, enchantment-based ramp is the way to go. I've selected what I believe to be the best enchant lands for ramp at our disposal. Trace of Abundance is a cute card we can run because of the red splash, and allows to protect a manland, Serra's Sanctum , or a land that's already enchanted. Utopia Sprawl requires a more dedicated dual-land setup to be consistent. Overgrowth , while good, adds specifically two green mana, which in a 4-color deck is less than desired.

The incremental value gained each turn is insane, even if you draw it late game. Gets insane with a flash effect .

The amount of mana this card can produce for one mana can become unfair. Perhaps this should only be in cEDH. Admittedly this can be a dead draw depending on the match-up but in those cases this just becomes a cantrip usually.

While not technically ramp, the cost reduction is huge late-game and the life gain isn't irrelevant.

  • Board Clears

Let's talk board clears. Because this deck is built to have as few instants and sorceries as possible, we only have two board clears in the deck. The first is Planar Collapse , because it's an enchantment. The second is Blasphemous Act , because it's incredibly efficient for what it does. I have experimented with other clears such as Wave of Reckoning and Retribution of the Meek , but the situational nature of their design means thay don't always hit what needs hitting.

  • Counter Magic

Our selection for useful counter magic enchantments are pretty low all things considered. Sunken Field usually only gets a player once before they learn to keep 1 open. Declaration of Naught is at it's best when it names a problematic card or commander, but I personally like flashing it in as a UUU counterspell. Lilting Refrain is a terrible draw late game but has high countering potential if drawn early enough (or played in conjunction with Paradox Haze .

There are situations where playing these will backfire (i.e. if they're removed), but I like the ability to flash these in (especially Oblivion Ring ) to protect a crucial enchantment from a board clear.

Named after the original Lignify , Ligma refers to any enchantment that incapacitates a creature without removing it from the battlefield. Song of the Dryads is obviously the strongest since it hits any permanent. Metamorphic Alteration is super flexible because it can either copy a strong creature or be used to remove the said strong creature by making it something else.

Doesn't hurt to have a dedicated Naturalize effect. Especially sweet with Femeref Enchantress , since it will draw you 2 cards (1 for the Seal and 1 for the card it removes).

A sick value card that steals your opponents' best creature for free (and sometimes ramps as well). An easy budget cut, could run Control Magic or a similar effect instead.

The anti- Cyclonic Rift card. This is too good not to run. Notably if there's an effect that hurts the opponent (like Stony Silence ), it won't affect them for the duration you're phased out. Easily cut for budget.

Some effects and deck archetypes are to powerful and common not to have a way to interact with.

Sometimes you just gotta empty the graveyards. Nonbo with Replenish and Femeref Enchantress . Used to combo with Energy Field until I cut it.

Artifact decks can become incredibly problematic if left unchecked. Also useful for interrupting certain wincons and other problematic cards. Due to it's inclusion, we run zero artifacts other than Torpor Orb .

I hate Reclamation Sage I hate Acidic Slime I hate Bane of Progress . Can catch people off-guard since there are so many creatures with value ETBs.

Sometimes you need to protect yourself from your opponent's aggressive tactics and removal.

Protects you against go-wide strategies, and sometimes people forget and tap out their mana pre-combat. Sphere of Safety scales insanely with Enchanted Evening .

With both of these out, no permanent of yours can be targeted by spells or abilities. Sometimes you just crack Sterling Grove for it's Enlightened Tutor effect.

A little costly at 8 mana, but the inability to be attacked by fliers is crazy, since some of the strongest creatures are fliers. Also the 5/5 body it makes is not irrelevant.

This card is a little too good at protecting you. No damage and shroud are a potent combination. Notably, it makes you skip your draw step and discard at upkeep, which means you need a draw effect to maintain parity and addition effects to go card-positive. Notably, with Paradox Haze out you need to discard two cards per turn.

We run the honden package. No particular honden is all that good by itself (except maybe Honden of Seeing Winds ), but there effects begin to stack immensely once two or more are out.

Due to the design of the deck, we have very little instant speed interaction. This allows our removal to become better and to surprise our opponents with powerful effects instead of playing them out for a full rotation.

Card selection is very powerful. This allows you to either never miss a land drop or never flood again. Additionally, it prevents you from decking yourself because it replaces your draws.

This card can spiral out of control if left unchecked, and very easily end the game if it isn't removed long-term.

Mana ramp over turns, infinite hand size, and an indestructible attacker or blocker. What more could you ask for?

Mini- Omniscience . Can occasionally take games when it hits the right cards. Triggers for EACH opponent EACH turn, so your opponents interacting will get you more triggers. The usual hit off of Academy Rector .

Currently running this for the Enchanted Evening turning lands into dead creatures interaction. With most of our deck being enchantments means making a lot of beaters.

Can easily take you from ahead to game ending, or take you from behind to ahead. Would be way more powerful if we were running more disposable enchantments (i.e. self-sac effects like Seal of Cleansing .

Angels angels everywhere. Every enchantment makes an angel, every card is an enchantment. Snowballs incredibly quickly.

The amount of value that this card generates spirals out of control incredibly quickly, especially with our relatively even spread of CMC's.

I could write a ten-page paper about how good Telepathy is. Free information from your opponents, in which they use against each other, while your cards get to remain hidden? Yes please.

Below are all the cards in-deck that are affected by Enchanted Evening . It's also in the deck to call the bluff of your opponents when they have a mass-enchantment removal card. They have the ask themselves if removal ALL permanents is really worth it.

Below are all the cards affected by Paradox Haze . Notably, negative effects your opponents play out are also doubled.

*Notably, having two upkeeps means you can pay mana into Helix Pinnacle during the first upkeep in order to have enough counters to win the second upkeep.

I love Hive Mind . I love the way it changes the way people play the game. Most people run Hive Mind in chaos-themed decks jam-packed with other chaotic cards like Eye of the Storm and Scrambleverse . I see that as a missed opportunity. Generally, when Hive Mind is out, players tend to refrain from casting instants and sorceries because giving opponents an advantage is bad, and removal can be used against the caster. Occasionally players are willing to ignore those downsides and you will get free card advantage and removal. At it's worst, your opponents all naturalize you. Additionally, counter magic is doubly-bad for its caster, since if everyone agrees that a spell needs to resolve, they can counter the original counterspell.

Currently we run a total of 6 instants and sorceries:

Easily the best card to have copied, since it just amplifies the board clear.

Generally giving your opponents a free tutor is very bad. Idyllic Tutor hitting only enchantments means that your opponents can only grab so many problematic cards. Enlightened Tutor is way better for your opponents since it can get artifacts as well.

Since we have so many enchantments compared to our opponents, it's very rarely a big deal to give our opponents a free Replenish

Arguably the worst sorcery to have copied, although we're likely the ones who will take advantage of it the most.

Sometimes the best solution is to make your opponents disappear.

Let's talk Primal Surge . For 10 mana, it better be worth it. In this deck, it usually is. With 6 instants and sorceries, you know that, with 5 remaining in the deck, that you can expect to hit roughly 20% of your deck when this resolves, with the percentage (on average) increasing with each instant and sorcery you draw and/or play before Primal Surge .

I refuse to build 0 instant/sorcery Primal Surge . The idea of making it a 1-card wincon is uneventful to me. I'd much rather have the drama and variance of not knowing how many cards (or which cards) I am going to hit.

It is important to remember a few things when resolving primal surge. Firstly, auras are immediately placed onto permanents when they are revealed. Players do not get a chance to respond to them. Notably, the aura can be placed onto hexproof and shrouded permanent as well. Also, when putting Declaration of Naught into play, you name the card the moment you reveal it. You do not get to see the rest of the cards you hit.

Secondly, triggers aren't resolved until you are done exiling cards. They are then placed onto the stack in the order of your choosing and then resolved one at a time.

Thirdly, your permanents care about the order they are placed onto the battlefield. The only real permanent that cares is Eidolon of Blossoms . For example, let's say you reveal 12 enchantments from your primal surge. If Eidolon was your 11th enchantment revealed, you will only draw 2 cards, since the only enchantments that it sees enter the battlefield were itself and the 12th enchantment. However, if it's the 2nd enchantment revealed, you will draw 11 cards, since Eidolon sees all but the 1st enchantment enter. Consequently, if Eidolon is revealed early and you don't hit Abundance , there is a likely chance that you will deck yourself.

It is incredibly easy to build stax in enchantress, especially land-hate when you include red. Land hate cards include Mana Barbs, Burning Sands , Price of Glory , and Burning Sands . Staxy cards such as Suppression Field , Stasis , Rule of Law , Pendrell Mists , Humility ,and Kismet easily playable. I have build stax previous to this, and opted out once it got too oppressive and I started getting focused each game. Besides, dumping stax cards on the opponent, while fun at first, gets old really fast.

I will populate this panel with more text later I promise.

Not too amazing but can give up something to do when we become land flooded.

Great free card draw. An easy include to add a little free card draw without losing tempo, but not necessary, especially if budget is concerned.


If there were an easier way to integrate snow synergy into the deck, this would be a sweet wincon. As a 4-color deck, there are not enough basic land slots to justify running this and not enough snow permanents that could be geared towards an enchantment theme.

They printed a strictly more-flexible Chained to the Rocks . Definitely going to test snow-basics to make it work.

Strictly-better Evolving Wilds that should arguably be in every 2C+ deck.

Another ligma.

Ooh this is a spicy one. Probably not making a slot in this deck but I am very excited for this card.

Another totem armor card. A cheesy play is to attach this your commander for a 10/10 (^:

Not great in this deck but an amazing enchantment nonetheless. Probably considerable if built around this.

Has slightly more reach than Journey to Nowhere and the scry is nice. Probably a fine inclusion.

A board clear worth looking into. We don't particularly care about casting creatures and have no planeswalkers. Notably your opponents choose what they keep.

Another ligma! Less situational than Metamorphic Alteration but strictly worse in many situations.

Another Wave of Reckoning , good in here because we run fairly low power compared to our toughness, but still only a situational board clear.

While it's unlikely we'll include this in the list, colorless utility lands such as this shouldn't be slept on. It's inclusion is a little rough since we're 5-color though.

Another flash effect; whether or not it's worth running will be seen, since we have no way to re-buy it once it's sac'd.

Like Blast Zone , it's best not to sleep on this one. There are a fair amount of enchantments we run that benefit from proliferation.

Thank you for reading my primer, this is my first real primer that I've finished. I don't know what else to say.


Updates Add

Going to cut hondens for a while to see how it goes. Needed an [Arcane Laboratory], looks good now that I have ~3-4 flash effects. [Solitary Confinement] looks worse with the dedicated upkeep draw honden gone. Added some more powerful cards for good measure. Still to make a cut for tuvasa at some point.


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