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Kydele & Tymna, Weavers of the Blind Eternities

Commander / EDH Eldrazi Four Color GU (Simic) GWUB WB (Orzhov)



Kydele & Tymna, Weavers of the Blind Eternities

Welcome to the journey through the blind eternities. This deck cares about drawing cards, getting big mana and dropping big Eldrazi Titans or drawing more cards. There’s also a small touch of mechanics that allow our creatures to get through for damage to draw more cards. Very small.

I am not a fan of infinite combos (in any format) as a win con. However, there are deliberately added pieces to make infinite mana. Which I never intend to use as a win con as I prefer to smash face with Eldrazi - also an unfair way to win, what with Annihilator and all. I suggest you mention to your playgroup first and make a decision as a group if you want the mechanic turned on or off depending on the mood.

So what do we do with infinite mana?? Well... Eldrazi Displacer can help with that in literally only one way.. Thought-Knot Seer !! Most eldrazi are “cast” triggers, but surprisingly this one is ETB. Displaced is also good at protecting your creatures from targeted removal and telling opponents they are not allowed to play tokens.

We can also max Walking Ballista and ping everyone at the table.

Thinking of adding lab maniac or Jace for additional combo, draw entire deck and win.

Otherwise, as I said before, I only use these abilities if the playgroup allows it. Otherwise just a fun casual beat face with Eldrazi deck.

Watery Grave —> acquire (replace opulent palace)


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