I want to build a small stable of pauper decks for when my friends and I want to play 60-card, so decided to mash together a few stratagems I like that seemed, at least to me, be pretty much the same deck with a few card's variation... the Kuldotha decks (Red/Boros/Jeskai) and Acid Trip.

So, what does it do? The deck relies on bounce ( Dream Stalker , Glint Hawk , Kor Skyfisher ) to get multiple uses out of our ETBs and LTBs ( Lone Missionary , Heliod's Pilgrim , Ichor Wellspring , Prophetic Prism , Reality Acid , Thraben Inspector , Trinket Mage ) and generate a ton of card advantage. Sac effects ( Angelic Purge , Kuldotha Rebirth ) allow us to get more from extra permanents we have sitting about (especially Ichor Wellspring and Clue tokens) and Galvanic Blast is a strict upgrade on Lightning Bolt with the sheer number of artifacts this deck runs.

For now, the sideboard is a copy-paste of a Kuldotha Jeskai sideboard, figuring the deck would have similar needs and access to similar tools, which would get edited as I play.

Input is always welcome!

Palace Sentinels


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