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Kruphix, Lord of the Verizon Way




"what is the verizon way?"


This is a green blue ramp for kruphix and his prophet, and hopefully the verizon way ad doesn't kill you, but your opponents.

card: Verizon Way Mana cost: 0111011001100101011100100110100101111100011011110110111000100000011101110110000101111001 (my binary is a bit rusty too lazy to remember how to write z anyways that says verizon way)

type: Instant - Arcane

Text: Random player loses 20 life at random.

Splice onto arcane - say, "what is the verizon way way awy verizon way verizon way"

vizier of the menagerie + courser of kruphix = almost straight up cycle through your deck. maybe i should put in one instant to stop that.

Sideboard plan: probably go lower on vizier of the menagerie because if you add any non creature, vizier + courser isn't as continuous. bow for deathtouch army, crush for boardwipe, plasm capture for more mana ramping and also counterspell, spell snare for counterspell, quest for renewal is a side option like prophet of kruphix when your opponent denies you from your power. then you deny them of their life and you quest kruphix ramp heavy and ruin them. now i need some mana outlets. yay.... oh and thassa and nylea are great because they count as creature cards for vizier but aren't badenchantments once out, also not the hardest to turn into a creature.

Suggestions and/or feedback is appreciated.

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