This deck's game plan varies greatly depending on your opening hand, therefore, there is no "plan A/B/C". However the Razaketh Buried Alive line has been the most consistent.

Goal #1 is to find and reanimate Vilis. Where K'rrik is your mana engine, Vilis will draw you all the cards you need. Hopefully.

Vilis's activated ability can be used to draw cards 4 at a time to find fast mana, should you end up with K'rrik + Vilis w/ no mana. Then net mana until you can cast an Aetherflux, then once you have at least 8 storm, find Leshrac's Sigil and loop that until you have enough life to dome everyone out.

- Razaketh
  1. Cast Buried Alive for Razaketh, Phyrexian Delver, anything really (1 storm).

  2. Reanimate Delver Bringing back Raz (2 storm -13 life).

  3. Sacrifice delver for Gravecrawler and cast for free. (3 Storm, -17 life)

  4. Sacrifice crawler to grab Carrion Feeder and cast for free, then cast crawler from the yard. (5 Storm, -21 life)

  5. Sacrifice crawler for Culling the weak, recast crawler for free and cast culling sacrificing it yet again to add 4black and recast crawler. (8 Storm, 4 floating, -25 life)

  6. Sac crawler for Aetherflux and cast it, then recast crawler from the yard gaining 10. From this point keep saving crawler to Raz and recast losing 2 life and gaining positive life until you storm out the table with Aetherflux.

Costs 27 life From 0 Mana.

- Vilis
  1. Cast Buried Alive for Vilis, Phyrexian Delver, and something else.

  2. Reanimate Phyrexian Delver, targeting Vilis.

This basically turns any reanimation spell into a Reanimate

The Zuran Orb // Bolas's Citadel DD line I've chosen to include in this deck can be found on the K'rrik Doomsday Primer Black Hole Son [[Primer]].


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