Druids are an often ignored creature type, but they are low maintenance and can lead to some explosive plays very early in the game. As a general rule, if a creature produces mana or finds a land, its a druid. Every deck needs mana acceleration which means that nearly every deck with green has at least a few druids that made the list. Seton, Krosan Protector aims to take advantage of the innate power of mana ramp, and then push it further by turning 20 creatures into mana dorks with pseudo haste. However, this does not play like a tribal deck and doesn't require any tribal support cards. The druids are enablers, not the end goal.

Mono-Green has a predictable win condition (overrun style effects like Kamahl, Fist of Krosa ), so it's important to have a unique angle to attack from. Seton enables an off color strategy for green, mana denial. Hall of Gemstone severely limits what your opponents can do during your turn, shuts off counterspells entirely, and cripples multicolor decks during their own turns. This deck goldfishes 8-10 mana by Turn 5 reliably, so paying for Ritual of Subdual is laughably easy. Everyone else is stuck with mana rocks and colorless lands while my Druids are tapping for just like always. If no one has removal in hand, it's a lot like taking 2-4 extra turns. Sometimes you just really need to blow one person out of the game though. Wave of Vitriol and Terastodon do just that. Greedy mana bases and low land counts beware.

Green does have it's weaknesses, mainly tutors and answers. Tutors are limited to only finding creatures. This means you won't find staples like Krosan Grip here. Instead, you will see a Green Sun's Zenith for X=3 to go get Reclamation Sage and deal with a problem permanent. Sometimes it is necessary to chain two tutors together to get what you want. The Eldrazi Titans trigger their abilities on cast rather than ETB, so you might need to Chord of Calling for Fierce Empath to get Kozilek, Butcher of Truth to refill your hand. The only wrath I feel I need to use is The Great Aurora . This is a dedicated fast aggro deck that is very weak to wraths, but this one tends to just "reroll" the board state, usually in your favor. A fifth of this deck is mana dorks so you can get up and running a turn or two quicker than anyone else.

Seton can be a brutal adversary even at higher end 75% playgroups. He gets better with fewer opponents but can hold his own at up to 3 opponents at a time. Explosive openers and Eldrazi before Turn 5 will attract a lot of attention so be prepared to go all out the turn after you drop a threat. You shouldn't ever go more than 2-3 turns after getting out your big guys so push hard and fast before anyone can slow you down.

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