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My Standard Goblin deck that I made. I love goblins to no end. They were my first deck ever and I have always kept a goblin deck. I just recently, after gate-crash, decided to make mine standard. This is what I came up with.


Just updated the list a bit. Tell me what you think.

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Date added 3 years
Last updated 3 years

This deck is Standard legal.

Cards 60
Avg. CMC 2.17
Tokens 1/1 Goblin
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Top rank #15 on 2013-03-23
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Revision 5 (3 years ago)

+3 Riot Piker main
+3 Searing Spear main
-3 Massive Raid main
-2 Mountain main
-1 Skinbrand Goblin main
+3 Weapon Surge side
-2 Grafdigger's Cage side
-1 Dynacharge side

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