Krenko's Merry Band of Misfits

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My Standard Goblin deck that I made. I love goblins to no end. They were my first deck ever and I have always kept a goblin deck. I just recently, after gate-crash, decided to make mine standard. This is what I came up with.


Just updated the list a bit. Tell me what you think.

Okay I dropped the fervor and went with a body here. I may not want to attack all the time, but I can sand bag him like I did fervor if that is the case. It gives me a body. I also upped mana to 22 to make sure I hit it. I am also considering dropping a krenko for a 4th hellrider.

FNMWent 3-1 Last Friday with this deck. Should have been 4-0 but made a newb mistake and tapped for ability rather than attacking with it.

Round 1: some type of U/G 2-0: This guy was running something Idk what. It was a steam roller of a win. I only saw Invisable stalker both games. Max damage done to me was 4 from a pump up.

Round 2: W/B Exalted 1-2: Game 1 I was rolled over. I should have Mulliganed but refused to, cost me the game. Game 2: I controlled what was out and beat him easily. Game 3: it was drawn out kinda. I had Five-Alarm Fire out 4 tokens and a Krenko and a Flunkies out. I needed to attack with Krenko over tapping and forgot my game plan for a sec and tapped him. THAT cost me the game because I needed that extra bit of dam to win turn 5.

Round 3: U/G Somthing 2-0: Nothing to really say I won easily.

Round 4: W/R Boros Agro: Game one I had little coming he took this one with his control. Game 2: It was pretty easily I build up my army as we stalled out the agro, neither of us attacking would do little good for me. Turn 5 Tapped Krenkp and dropped Burn at the Stake for the win. Game 3: It was a roll over. He counldn't get mana going either, but I would have had him anyway.

We did standings this day. I wish I could have played it out. I feel like I could have taken first if not 2nd but I will be content with 3rd for now. Seeing how this was the first time this deck saw competive play.


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