Chapter 4: Zada's Burning Skirmish.

Krenko had gotten word from Ravinca that there was a war going on among the Planeswalkers and the goblins there were in trouble. so he and a small group of his men traveled to Ravinca to save them. upon arriving there was carnage and Planeswalkers everywhere. since Krenko was not much of a fighter and more of an inspirational leader he felt more exposed. his troops defended him while they search for the surviving goblins. they soon found them in the Tin Street district and Krenko tried to rally them to battle but they were too scared (or dumb) to listen. it was then a lone Boros soldier spotted them. he looked to be a new guy. seemed Krenko had to get his hands dirty if he was gonna rally the little goblins to battle. cracking his knuckles and taking up a sword he ran to attack the recruit. the fight ended in a victory for Krenko as he slain the solider. looking back he saw one of the little goblins had came out of hiding and join in the ranks, inspired by Krenko's victory in battle. seemed in order to rally the rest of the survivors Krenko had to prevail in combat. his combat skills are not that great but now that he actually knew what fighting was he could fight along side his men and the survivors.

Chapter 6: (in works)


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