"Meh. It's just a goblin."
"Yeah, but.. have you ever seen a goblin explode??"

A deck (with a sexy curve) that's surprisingly fast and super fun. Yet, it remains humbly budget.
It's, sacrificial goblin-tribal!

Play Impact Tremors as often and as fast as you can, making sure damage happens as goblins come in.

Then play as many goblins as possible through Krenko's Command, Mogg War Marshal, and of course, Krenko, Mob Boss.

Then pop those goblins with: Goblin Grenade and Collateral Damage. These are especially nasty when coupled with the burn ability of Goblin Arsonist, or the replacement effect of Mogg War Marshal.

Sac damage running scarce? Lightning Bolt and Risk Factor (Browbeat for budget choice), keep the damage and/or resources steady. Skirk Prospector allows for some mana ramp, and possibly squeeze out some extra damage through Ramunap Ruins late game.

While saccing, you can finish the job with Boggart Shenanigans and Pashalik Mons in play; as both deal damage as goblins leave play.

If (literally) throwing goblins at your opponent isn't cutting it, call in the crew with Krenko, Mob Boss; bringing a by-the-numbers, go-wide aggro wincon. Lightning Greaves keeps him safe and quick, while you flood the board with your putrid, pea-green, pitiless posse.

Like most mono-red decks, this one is super simple to pilot, which makes it a great beginner to novice deck. However, it's speed and consistency ensures it's still a "blast" to play at any skill level.. and it's right around $50.

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