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This is a goblin all-red deck. This is the first magic deck I have EVER built and I am using a few others I have seen to help guide me. Please leave comments and suggestions on how to improve so I can get better at this game. I plan on starting to play in FNM every week starting next week. Thanks for the feedback.


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I went 2-2 at the 2nd FNM. Took 7th out of 15 people.

First Round bye 2nd Round Won 2-0 against mono green hydra deck 3rd Round Lost 2-1 against black reanamation deck (very close) he used black sun's zenith on me five times and oblivion ringed krenko mob boss twice 4th Round Lost 2-0 against white blue control deck he board wiped me a couple times I need to find something to counter control decks. Something to side board when I know the other guy is going to kill creatures or try to board wipe. I am adding a couple reverberates for sure to double the spell damage i do. Need something to protect creatures from spells or a strong creature for long games in my sideboard. Suggestions welcome.

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