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Standard Goblins U/R (Izzet)



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These goblins are crafty! Primary win condition is a bunch of unblockable 2/1 and 3/2 goblins, or a bunch of crazy goblins burning you at a stake. Secondary is just a bunch of goblins, who don't even have opponent creatures to block them. Tertiary is Niv-mizzet. Guttersniping helps out in all three conditions. Electromancer ensures easy casting and spell overloads. mortars wipe board for win and kill high priorities. izzet charm digs and kills and maybe even counters. mizzium skin is security. teleportal is win condition, unblockable goblin buff blitzkrieg. burn at stake is win condition assuming 6-7 goblins. goblin get spells are goblin get spells. suggestions welcome. thanks!


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Subtracted the Thundermaw Hellkites because every time i draw one they usually don't fit in to my battle plan, even as awesome as they are. i instead increased the amount of Guttersnipes, Goblin Rallys, and Mizzium Mortars since they all fall into play quite well usually. also took out Dynacharges since i did not often use them, and i'd rather have Izzet Charm and Mizzium Skin to prevent plans from being screwed up, and get what i need. removed Lobber Crew for Hypersonic Dragon. adds more to the ridiculously lacking aerial defense, allows my large multitude of sorceries a higher stategic advantage, swings for four in the air with haste otherwise. sideboarded the Dynacharges to swap the out the Mizzium Skin when creatures are not under planeswalker attack.

deck remains to be flexible with things i'd be willing to replace, but i can't think of anything to put! so please, suggestions!


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