Krenko is a token generation deck, but it doesn't rely on the combat step. There are a lot of ways for the deck to go infinite; whether it's infinite goblins, mana, damage, or card draw.

Multiple cards ramp or grant haste to get an early start.

Several cards can untap Krenko, or grant multiple activations, as goblins are the deck's major resource.

The deck generates so many goblins that alters and other sacrifice outlets play a big role.

Goblin Recruiter will tutor out the Kiki-Jiki/Lightning Crafter combo, and there are a couple other goblin tutors, as well as Gamble for either utility or Zealous Conscripts.

Glacial Chasm has been a thorn in my side recently, so I added a Shivan Harvest for repeatable land destruction.


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