The best Krenko you can get without infinite combos.

Pretty consistently wins 4 player games by turn 5. The goal is to get 40 damage on the white player before they can sweep turn 4, and then explode out from there. On average, this deck seems to kill the first player turn 4, with a standard dev. of 1 turn. Mass LD like Bust is not included because of personal disapproval, and Mana Echoes is not included because it isn't good enough.

Primary Win Cons:

Purphoros, God of the Forge + Krenko, Mob Boss

Shared Animosity +goblins, only need 12 1/1's on the field to kill 3 people at once.

In the Web of War + Krenko, Mob Boss

Kyren Negotiations + Krenko, Mob Boss

Goblin Bombardment + Krenko, Mob Boss + Boggart Shenanigans for silly damage and flexibility when attacking

Warstorm Surge + Krenko, Mob Boss

Goblin Lookout + goblins

Staff of Domination + mana

Umbral Mantle + mana

Final Fortune + goblins

Eldrazi Monument


Use-Krenko-Multiple-Times cards

Magewright's Stone , Staff of Domination , Rings of Brighthearth , Thousand-Year Elixir , Illusionist's Bracers , Umbral Mantle , Lightning Crafter + haste

Goblin Token Generation

Krenko, Mob Boss , Mogg War Marshal , Siege-Gang Commander , Krenko's Command , Dragon Fodder , Mutavault

Global Haste Effects

In the Web of War , Fervor , Goblin Warchief , Goblin Chieftain , Hammer of Purphoros , Anger , Kyren Negotiations , Goblin Bushwhacker , Mass Hysteria

Global Pump Effects

Goblin Chieftain , Goblin King , Shared Animosity , In the Web of War , Eldrazi Monument , Quest for the Goblin Lord , Goblin Bushwhacker , Goblin Lookout


Goblin Chirurgeon , Goblin Welder , Final Fortune , Homeward Path , Mutavault , Cavern of Souls , Goblin Sledder , Mogg Fanatic


Blood Moon , Ruination


Goblin Matron , Goblin Recruiter , Moggcatcher , Gamble


Skirk Prospector , Sol Ring , Mind Stone , Fellwar Stone , Fractured Powerstone , Prismatic Lens , Mana Crypt , Ancient Tomb , Goblin Lackey , Warren Instigator , Goblin Warchief

Board Wipes

Blasphemous Act , Vandalblast

Targeted Creature Removal

Lightning Crafter , Siege-Gang Commander , Chaos Warp , Goblin Bombardment , Warstorm Surge

Artifact Removal

Goblin Tinkerer , Goblin Welder , Chaos Warp , Vandalblast

Land Removal

Strip Mine , Wasteland , Ghost Quarter , Tectonic Edge , Chaos Warp , Ruination

Card Draw/Hand Refresh

Reforge the Soul , Wheel of Fortune , Chandra Ablaze


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23% Casual

77% Competitive