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Kraken Quest 8: Journey to Ula's Temple

Modern Budget Casual Counters Mono-Blue Theme/Gimmick



Welcome to my 1st 60 card deck! This is intended for kitchen table. After careful research using decks here, articles, and forums I realized that top deck manipulation & drawing are the key! It is very tempting to fill this deck with tons of creatures so the Quest conditions can be met but you'll risk getting hands full of creatures only. I spent a considerable amount of time figuring out which cards will work and finding the balance between creatures, support and lands. This isn't a typical MTG deck with a normal CMC curve.

Please let me know your opinion and any suggestions are appreciated! Glad to answer any questions as well. Thanks for looking!

Here's a brief overview of my strategy/reasoning

Support cards should cost 1-2 mana at most because we will be manipulating the top deck to get the Quest online. You'll probably be working with 1-3 mana at the beginning. Once the 1st Quest is up, the next priority will be getting the Leviathans & Krakens so you can drop 1 at the beginning of each end step. It's possible to get a Quest up on turn 2 and go for the win!

Supporting Creatures:

Sage of Epityr/Augury Owl/Thrummingbird - Top deck manipulation/Proliferate & blocker

Kraken Hatchling - Decent blocker


  • Only 1 because it is limited to tutoring Inkwell Leviathans

  • Its ability to lose defender is good but in my tests I usually don't have 4 mana

Non-creature Support:

Clockspinning - Can enable turn 2 Quests

Telling Time/ Portent - Financially cheaper than MTG staples and it works in casual play

Turn Aside - If the enemy is going to target anything it'll be the big creatures and/or the Quest. It's only 1 mana whereas others might be better but cost 2 (Counterspell, Negate, etc.)


Halimar Depths - Helps with top deck manipulation

Maybe board:

Whelming Wave - Good card but Scourge of Fleets does almost the same

Archetype of Imagination & Wonder - Unlikely that you'll have the mana but it's a funny idea

Skyship Plunderer - A better Thrummingbird

Sage Owl - A flying Sage of Epityr

Game plan:

a) Best possible opening hand

  • 1 Quest & 2 islands

  • 2 Clockspinning

  • Grozoth or other big creatures

b) Top deck manipulation along with Telling Time (Modern) or Portent (Legacy)

c) Proliferate (if possible) or Clockspinning to speed up counters

d) Start dropping stuff

Sources & ideas:

WOTC Gatherer

Many of the decks on tappedout.net building around Quest for Ula's Temple

Any forums discussing Brainstorm, Portent, Ponder, Preordain, and Telling Time






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