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Kraj EDH



Experiment Kraj EDH

Focusing on +1/+1 counter shenanigans, open to other ideas. This is the second EDH deck I've built, so I'm not really experienced. I'm a Spike in other formats, so I'd like to build a pretty relaxed deck for EDH but have it be pretty optimized. I'd prefer not to spend too much - no more than $20 (Doubling Season excluded, Survival of the Fittest is being debated) per card.

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Low Avg High
$313.57 $397.07 $599.27
Date added 1 year
Last updated 1 year
Legal formats None
Sets Planechase 2012 Edition, Innistrad, MTG: Commander, Mirrodin Besieged, Scars of Mirrodin, 2011 Core Set, Archenemy, Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana, Worldwake, Zendikar, From the Vault: Exiled, Alara Reborn, Conflux, Eventide, Shadowmoor, Morningtide, Lorwyn, Tenth Edition, Planar Chaos, Dissension, Ravnica: City of Guilds, Saviors of Kamigawa, Champions of Kamigawa, Mirrodin, Judgment, Classic Sixth Edition, Urza's Legacy, Urza's Saga, Exodus, Tempest, Fifth Edition, Alliances
Cards 100
Avg. CMC 3.55

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