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korlash and his undead army

Commander / EDH Aggro Mono-Black Zombie



Hey all so i built this deck because i have never built firstly a mono colored deck and secondly an overly aggresive deck. And i must say that i am proud of this monster i have made. This korlash deck is designed to mesh together so well that it can lock down oppoenets on turnfor for 5 turns, cream a 1v1 opponent even a mono blue counter has problems with this deck, and has in the past taken on 4 players at one in multiplayer and laughed in there faces while doing so. There are cards in here that at first you wouldnt normally want in here lets face it for two black i can cycle a certain zombie and draw a card and then deal 1 damage to an opponent for each zombie in play, only good once right? Wrong combo it with Lord of Undead and you have card draw and dmg each turn, also cycle a different zombie to search for a swamp and put it into my hand is a good combo to continuesly do. This deck draws cards, has increased mana, and puts out creatures that are always doing something nasty at a quick and rapid pace. I love this deck and it has replaced my scion deck as my fav. Any comments or suggestions welcome please +1 if you like and i will make sure to do the same for you.


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