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Ladies & Gentlemen, Mister Konrad Twitty..

Commander / EDH Burn Mill Mono-Black Multiplayer Snow



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Mono-Black Graveyard Burn

We mill ourselves & our opponents, and cause general death & destruction while Mr. Twitty is onstage, to repeatedly cause various amounts of damage to our opponents until they are dead..

Yes, this is a Burn deck in Mono-, via Graveyard manipulation..

That means that strange things like Tortured Existence are hardcore ridiculous to the nth degree (: Shock each opponent)..

Mindcrank & Mesmeric Orb are absolutely all-stars in how they passively generate silly amounts of game-ending value with Konrad.. To resolve both usually results a beautiful, burning avalanche of pain..

More explosive Wincons come in the form of Morality Shift, and to a lesser degree Necrologia. To resolve the former with Syr Konrad, the Grim on the field, and Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre still in the Library, effectively spells an instant game over..

Speaking of which, any number of other Mill and/or other Graveyard-based shenanigans our opponents may be running can also unwittingly hand us the game as well..



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