It's about time for my NINTH commander!

This deck went through a couple of different commanders: In my urge to create a monoblack EDH the first one I tried was Virtus the Veiled for 1v1 Duel Commander. It worked, but I quickly got tired with the format. Then I changed to a multiplayer discard deck and considered Urgoros, the Empty One as general, but it seemed too slow. Then I've found out about Geth, Lord of the Vault , Geth's Verdict and Geth's Grimoire , and it was perfect!

Except that I never managed to like Geth, and despite the deck was working out and winning, everytime I drew Kokusho from the deck I was like "Man, I like everything about this card! I wish he was my commander..."

And now he is! I completely removed the discard theme and went with sacrificing and reviving Kokusho (he must go to the graveyard in order to work).

He's my preferred deck to play huge annoying 5+ players table. Just Blade of Selves him and kill the entire table with the legend rule. xD

Hope you liked it, upvote for MONO!


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