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Knights Who Say "Reki Reki Reki Ptang Zoo Boing!"

Commander / EDH Aggro Mono-Green Multiplayer Ramp Tribal Value Engine


Intro - This deck started out from a desire to build a "focused" commander deck (choose your nomenclature here: focused, moderately powerful, 5-6 out of 10 on the power scale, etc.) I have a few decks, but I lean toward powerful strategies, so I wanted something that would keep me from being that one guy in the playgroup that has no chill. I'm not sure I've found that in Reki, but boy oh boy did I find a fun deck to play. I think it aims to play pretty "fair Magic," in that the wincon just boils down to smashing with creatures.

Meat and Potatoes - Green was, is, and will continue to be the best color for ramping in EDH. However, its card draw options aren't anywhere near the quality of that ramp. Enter Reki, the History of Kamigawa Now we have a consistent card draw engine in our command zone, as long as we build around legends. Granted these must be mono-green legends, but that just means we are going to do what green does best: ramp out giant green fatties; the advantage now is that we get to refill our hand like we were playing blue (or at least close to it).

The Plan - We're going to ramp out stupid, giant fatties, give them trample, and turn 'em sideways, all while generating card advantage with our "Legends Tribal" theme.

Ramp - There are two distinct kinds of ramp Reki is interested in. Let's call these early ramp and late ramp. Early ramp is what will accelerate you into Reki a turn early, allowing you to start drawing cards right from the get-go.

Early Ramp includes:

These cards won't let you get Reki out a turn early, but are still quality ramp in this deck:

Late Ramp represents cards that allow you access to an abundance of mana later in the game. This includes:

Card Draw - Just because we have a commander that turns all our legends into cantrips doesn't mean we can't run a bit of card draw.

Trample Enablers - While some of our beautiful fatties have trample right in their rules text, most of them need a little help.

Interaction/Disruption - In my opinion, games of Magic aren't fun if you can't interact with your opponents' stuff. These cards give us protection for our board, as well as the ability to remove blockers or otherwise dangerous permanents.

Closers - Sometimes the power of the fatty isn't enough to get you the win. Some situations call for a lil sumthin' sumthin' to push you over the top.

Combos - The deck doesn't have real combos, just cards that synergize well together.

Thoughts - Some cards I'm on the fence about either being put in or taken out of the deck.

  • Wave of Vitriol I'm not sure an artifact/enchantment/non-basic wipe has a logical place in the deck.

  • Caged Sun Six is a lot for something that basically just doubles mana. Most of these creatures don't care about an extra +1/+1. Vernal Bloom may be better.

  • Carpet of Flowers Blue is common in my playgroup (and probably everybody else's) so this might be worth cutting something else.

  • Kodama's Reach It may sound crazy, but I'm not in love with this. Maybe this is what gets cut for Carpet of Flowers

  • Omnath, Locus of Mana I like it. It's legendary, it makes spending mana easier, and it can become a fatty. What's not to like? Better question: What to cut?

  • Shadowspear Some new hotness coming soon. Gonna find a place for this thing maybe.


Updates Add

Added Carpet of Flowers, Cut Kodama's Reach. The great EDH heresy: not running Kodama's Reach or Cultivate. Yes, I know they get me two lands, but in this deck I'd rather just pay an extra one mana for Skyshroud Claim and have those lands come into play untapped. Carpet of Flowers is just too good to not run. Blue players are frequent in my playgroup, so I'm almost guaranteed to get value from it. It's more vulnerable than Kodama's Reach, but I'll take that chance.

Added Snow-Covered Forest, Cut Harmonize. I wanted another land slot to make up for Adventurers' Guildhouse doing nothing but giving the table something to joke about. It's just in there for the giggles. Harmonize seemed like something I could trim from the deck. I'm already drawing cards, so it's not a big deal to me to lose that.


28% Casual

72% Competitive