Alesha and her band of outcast knights will do anything to achieve victory, even resorting to necromancy and sorcery.

Most of the knights are recurrable with Alesha's ability, and the rest can be cast from the graveyard with Haakon on the board, so sac-effects aren't as costly. The ability to recur most creatures also lets you abuse land tax triggers to thin lands out of your deck and dump knights to the yard.

Many times, board wipes are one sided thanks to knight exemplar, allowing an alpha strike. Also the combo of Kwende and Gisela is always fun to just 20 someone out of nowhere. In general, the goal is to use Mardu's great removal and board wipes to control the board and then swing in with indestructible knights buffed by Marton Stromgald or any of the other anthem effects.


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