"We do not pile the skulls of our enemies, nor make them into ornaments. We grind them into dust. We leave nothing for their families to weep over, nothing for their descendants to honor." - Anafenza, the Foremost

Instead of the typical Orzhov, Boros or Mardu colors for a Knight tribal, why did I choose the Abzan colors? You might be asking. Well it all started because my playgroup plays with a lot of graveyard decks (myself included) and I felt like it was needing to change up the pace, we need some anti-graveyard deck and Anafenza, the Foremost is the perfect commander for that. The idea of building a deck with her was left in the back of my mind but I didn't develop it. Some days ago I was taking a look at the Knight tribal I built some months ago (M'Knight) and I wanted to do something different. The deck seems ok but I knew it could be better, and maybe more unique. I tried going Boros with Adriana, Captain of the Guard and having the deck focused on Flanking, with the Melee from Adriana the knights would be absurd in combat, plus it would have extra combat steps, etc. But I dropped the idea in favour of another deck I did (Adriana's Rampage), which I ended up not building IRL because I already have a Boros deck and I'd rather not repeat colors for now. I also didn't want to do Mardu so I took a look at which combinations I could do and Abzan seemed nice. It fits well with the go wide strategy of the deck, with Doubling Season it helps with more token generation, with Bow of Nylea my cratures get Deathtouch which is nuts with First Strike (which most of my Knights already have), but the best thing green offers to the deck, imo, is the chance to make my Knights grow. Most Knights are 2/2 so altho going wide with them is good, green allows us to not only go wide but tall aswell. This is where Anafenza comes into the picture, she seems like the perfect fit for this deck strategy plus she allows me for something interesting aswell, she stops graveyard decks but allows me to play with the graveyard, making Haakon, Stromgald Scourge shine here, he is basicly a second commander or secret commander, however you wanna call it. The deck is a bit focused on having both Anafenza and Haakon on the battlefield. I have several ways to play Haakon, if he is in my initial hand or I draw him I can discard him to Call the Bloodline while creating more Knights, and Call the Bloodline is never a dead card because I can simply discard Knight creatures which I will be able to cast from the graveyard with Haakon. However if he doesn't come in the initial hand or I don't draw him I have Buried Alive, Eldritch Evolution and Final Parting to get him either into the graveyard or the battlefield directly. Buried Alive is great here, I can get him plus 2 more lords and just play them all next turn. Fanatical Devotion and Ashnod's Altar are two cards I added mostly to protect Haakon, killing him is ok he can be cast from the graveyard again, but if someone tries to exile him in response I just sac him to get him back in the graveyard, of course even without this purpose the cards are good here, I can sac tokens for their actual purposes. If someone tries to exile the graveyard while Haakon is there I also have Phyrexian Reclamation to get him back to my hand or Bow of Nylea to put him in the deck plus any other relevant cards. Of course I also had to add Crib Swap for that removal machine gun combo that it does with Haakon.

What do you guys think? Does it sound like a solid deck? Could it be improved? How? All help is appreciated.

P.S. This deck is also meant to be paired with my Dragon tribal deck (Do you spit fireballs or furballs?), that is why I have Sylvia Brightspear in the sideboard.


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