• Some crazy cat people have entrusted you with the job of clearing out land and setting up a colony. The only problem is that there are other planeswalkers having a fight near the site. Set up the defenses around the city and protect your Cat citizens.
  • Use Plains from Ravnica or Return to Ravnica to make it look like you're setting up cities or colonies.
  • Tell your Deftblade Elites, Darksteel Myrs, Stuffy Dolls, Nomads en-Kor s, and Mesa Pegasus s to firmly stand guard around the colony.
  • Deftblade Elite has a good nose for hunting people and creatures his size. He will gladly sacrifice himself to take out an Elvish Piper or Suture Priest
  • Set up Circles of Protections to protect yourself against the forces of magic.
  • Use Builder's Blessing to erect walls around your city.
  • Banishing Stroke sends things that you just can't deal with away.
  • Crib Swap is a great way to neutralize a big threat without killing it. This deck should be as peaceful as possible.
  • Sphere of Safety gets fueled nicely by the Circles of Protection and the Builder's Blessing for some reason. Use this to produce a large magical shield around your city.
  • Use White Sun's Zenith to call your Cat citizens to inhabit your colony. Do this at the end step previous to your turn.
  • If someone is being a big enough nuisance and is not letting you erect your cat colony in peace, make an example out of them by using Odric, Master Tactician. He is the Deftblade Elite's smarter, bigger, more awesome brother. He will take your cats behind enemy lines and use them to quickly execute those who would stop your construction.


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