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Kithkin soldiers back in 2018?

Modern Aggro Mono-White Weenie



Basically a kithkin white weenie deck. Lookin for some fun at at local modern tournaments. Winning would be nice but ppl tell me if i wanna go modern white weenie i should go humans. But hey who wouldn't want to play a kithkin deck?

Also lookin for rounding help with card numbers.

Basically our only option to delay opponents supreme verdicts or wraths is if we land a tectonic edge since for budget reasons 4x thalia is out of option.

Aether vial for cheating creatures on to board and keeping our mana untapped for more or potential buff

Brave the elements to help pesky goblin vs kithkin aggro battle and pollen lullaby to suprise victory enemy over committing attackers.

Some premium options for graveyard hate with 2x graf+relic and possibly 2 rip:s if i decide to get another one.

Austere command is a throwaway atm at the deck. By possibly clearing late game 4+ mana cost creatures and pesky artifacts/enchantments.

Ajani for added win condition possibly swinging 10 with flyer at turn 4-5 if goes unanswered. No play testing yet.

Brigids fate is kinda undecided since its weak to bolts and 2 dmg really doesnt affect other matchups other than goblins (maybe?) when they don't have enough lords at board. In most matchups feels like horrible top deck.

Suggestions are welcomed to which way deck should go and i'll take them account. Also deck is not running path of exiles cause i don't like to give a free land drop for a early game blocker to speed up decks. With one banneret we can get with 2 mana just give em one 1/1 changeling seems to me more efficent. Leonin arbiter would be a option but seems a bit a haggle for just path of exile on steroids?


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