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Kiora's Noble




This is my first deck on tappedout, so I am looking forward to your suggestions and to learn from you!

It is a low-budget modern-format noble deck. See http://www.noblemtg.com/ for a description of the noble format. It's aim is simple: produce infinite mana and draw as many cards as you need to beat your opponent.

Infinite Mana and Card Drawing Combo

The essential combo is Kiora's Follower + Freed from the Real + Fertile Ground + Ocular Halo, where Kiora's Follower is able to untap stuff, i.e. lands (preferably blue mana producing lands) enchanted with Fertile Ground to produce additional mana, which can be used to untap our creature with Freed from the Real. You can also use the untapping to draw cards with Ocular Halo .

Because it's a four card combo, it needs some alternatives accelerating the combo. I put in some Axebane Guardian and Dawn's Reflection as an alternative for Fertile Ground .

Transmuting helps us finding our combo cards, so I added Drift of Phantasms to find 3 mana spells and Muddle the Mixture to find 2 mana spells. Furthermore these spells do somehow fit into the deck a little.

So, what to do with all that mana and card drawing? I put in a Doorkeeper to empty an opponents library. I added Vulshop Sorcerer to blast every creature and opponent to dust. Maybe I should add some more aggressors.

Lastly, I put in two Gleeful Sabotage to interupt enemy combos.

The Noble?

And what about the noble card? It is similar to the commander (but can be cast only once). I chose Rootwater Matriarch and added some auras, especially Rancor. By enchanting an opponents creature I can take over and either use it or sacrifice it with Stitcher's Apprentice , return Rancor back to my hand again. With Zephyr Net I can also take over enemy creatures and let it improve Axebane Guardians mana producing ability, furthermore it can be used simply to stop a creature from attacking.


The choice of lands is Forest + Island + Halimar Depths + Simic Guildgate + Simic Growth Chamber, where the latter can be used in the combo without fertile grounds as it already produces two mana (however, it produces only infinite green mana then).


Some interesting alternatives to my noble are Beguiler of Wills having a different restriction to take over enemy creatures, Helix Pinnacle for a direct win using much mana, Laboratory Maniac to win on infinitely drawing cards, and last but not least Illusionist's Bracers to improve Kiora's Follower and any other activated ability. I didn't put much thought into the sideboard, but an interesting choice could be Archetype of Endurence to overcome pesky hexproof stuff.


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