Deck Mission:

For years I have wanted to build a deck centered around Kiora, the Crashing Wave ; It was about the time of her release/Elspeth vs Kiora duel deck that me and my now Fiancee started dating and I introduced/taught her to play Magic. We both took a liking to the Planswalker/Character and I attribute this particular card for enabling many more years of actual willing/eager games of Magic with her.

I have built a few decks with Kiora in it before but ultimately that was exactly how it felt... a deck that happened to have Kiora in it rather than a deck really built around her... I thought a Quest for Ula's Temple deck would be an obvious choice but Kiora was just in the way in that deck; then I tried a Simic ramp/aggro deck and although Kiora was "better" in that deck the feeling was still the same. This time around its gonna be different and I think Turbofog is probably the best way to work towards a deck that truly showcases Kiora and her abilities!

  • +1 This can nullify many beaters out there or things like Eidolon of the Great Revel / The Rack ; and for opponents going wide it can cheese/softlock both combat and direct damage. By enchanting an opponents creature with Pariah and then using this ability on that creature it should result in being untouchable to damage until the opponent uses a Wrath of God / Path to Exile / Cloudshift or Dismember effects... on their own creature/board state.

  • -1 Very usful for drawing into more Fogs and playing extra Gates in a single turn.

  • -5 This Ultimate can really sneak up on people because it can reasonably go off on T7. Despite her low starting loyalty; combined with chump blockers and fogs this can be a very fun Wincon.


I've never known/heard of Turbofog being a GP Winning Archetype; However I do know that it was the BANE of many Arena (MTGA) players in the open BETA; with it being the shell of choice to torment the meta with Nexus of Fate / Teferi, Hero of Dominaria .

The main strategy is to mitigate and prevent damage, especially combat damage, through cards like Fog . I have had previous experience and degrees of success with the Turbofog Archetype. Something I am trying to do different this time is avoid universal draw spells like Howling Mine / Rites of Flourishing because typically enabling the opponent to pick up their deck just lets them find answers to beat me more often then me find answers to stop them. Creatures have a dual purpouse in this deck as being emergency chump blockers for early attacks as well as replacing themselves/cantrip for digging for fogs/lands/answers.

Mazes End:

This card has its history in Standard being associated with Kiora, the Crashing Wave . It was ran in Combo/Turbofog shells with things like Crackling Perimeter / Primeval Titan / Scapeshift .

I like the idea of having an alternate Win Condition built into the deck without taking away from Kiora or other my ability to control the game. This also gives access to all of the color pie and to spells I typically wouldn't use in Simic Colors... Black and red provide access to additional removal and hand disruption and White in particular brings a lot to this deck by granting access to Dawn Charm and some of the best answer cards in the game.

The Gates entering the battlefield tapped is nearly negated in many Turbofog games because 20 Life points gives just enough cushion for the first 4 turns in Modern as well as gaining access to some excellent and repeatable budget land/color fixing/ramp through Gatecreeper Vine / Coiling Oracle .

Cruel Control:

Historically speaking Cruel Control started as a 5 color control deck during the Alara-Lorwyn standard.

In more recent times/updated decklists I have seen some pretty neat Control decks still running Cruel Ultimatum; but something that always kinda bugs me about them is how they would play this epic sorcery and win usually despite of it rather than because of it. This is not the case for this 5 color deck; The collected stall and control spells set up an irreversible lead with Cruel Ultimatum. Its very comparable to Sphinx's Revelation in terms of life gain and card draw... The Lifegain is excellent for getting outside of Lightning Bolt range when opponents are in topdeck mode. The draw helps with getting more fogs and completing mazes end and recasting an ETB creature from the graveyard... likewise doing the opposite to the opponent... It's the ultimate FLEX spell a Control player can play in Magic The Gathering.



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