Be my guest.

Tied your hands up from your chest.

Strap you to The Rack and then sit back,

For I'll control the rest.

enter image description here

You've got spells? Raven's Crime!

Watch them leave your hand and fly,

To the graveyard; I'll save you from,

Casting cards like this green Pest.

Fatal Push? or Smallpox?

And that 'Goyf's knocked off its socks!

Sit and let the Racks all stack,

As your life's put to the test.

Your Sanctity? Sacrebleu!

"Now my plans have fallen through."

Is a statement I won't make despite your best.

I'll side a spell or two,

And I'll bid you adieu.

And let you rest,

With great distress,

Oh please, won't you be, my guest?!

enter image description here


Updates Add

Testing out Torment of Scarabs ; have heard it's pretty decent in a mid-game battle.

-1 Smallpox or Wrench Mind (I'll see which one is more valuable after testing

-1 Funeral Charm

Alternatively, I'm toying around with the benefits of mainboard Ghost Quarter vs Buried Ruin .

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