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Commander / EDH Aristocrats Mono-Black Reanimator Tokens



This is a deck built on the engine that is Whisper, Blood Liturgist. It's real fun and pretty powerful.

The basic strategy is to put targets in the yard using one of our many discard outlets that create tokens (call the bloodline, smirk ridge exhumer, pack rat, etc) and use whisper to reanimate those targets by sacrificing tokens. Most of our creatures make some number of tokens on etb which allows us to twiddle creatures in and out of the yard for value. Thornbite staff allows us to go infinite if we have creatures that create enough tokens to allow reanimation loops. Blood artist, vindictive lich, and Gary let me win with that. The staff also lets avatar of woe kill every non- indestructible creature on the board.

Make mans, sac mans, recur mans.

Advice is welcome.


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