Yawgmoth is one of the baddest baddies in all of Magic lore, and his card seems to be very on theme. Therefore he gets a brew! This is kind of a medium budget build, with the goal of being powerful, but not immediately oppressive unless you get a god hand.

What I'm going for in this deck is a mono black build that pays some tribute to the evil that Yawgmoth was by killing your own creatures, putting counters on your opponents creatures (and sometimes your own #UNDYING), stealing your opponents creatures from their graveyards after you kill them, and winning through creating a massive army that you can either sacrifice to one of many outlets pinging your opponents to death, or hang around long enough that you can put some enough power on the board to put the damage through.

I'll begin here by going over the win-cons in this deck of which there are a few right now. I may take some of these out if it gives the deck too much flexibility but for now they are in.

Let's Get Aristocratic Blood Artist, Vindictive Vampire, Zulaport Cutthroat, Falkenrath Noble So here are the classic ways to ping your opponents in a standard Aristocrat deck. Ideally we are looking to take advantage of Yawgmoth's free sac outlet to burn tokens created with Endrek Sahr, Grave Titan, Pawn of Ulamog, Orochi Hatchery and a few others OR we can use Yawgmoth's amazing first ability to put -1 Counters on creatures with undying when they return to fully take advantage of this. One of the most powerful synergies is between NEST OF SCARABS and Yawgmoth. NEST will net us an insect token every time we sac a creature and which should allow us to drop counters on everything we want to, ideally wiping the board, and drawing us cards when we want them. We'll also get a bigger bonus to card advantage with GRIM HARUSPEX on the board. If we get enough of these pieces on the board, we can essentially draw cards infinitely and ping our opponents until someone stops us, but that takes several cards on the board and can be dismantled with spot removal.


STEALING BIG GUYS Nekroskitter, Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni, Nezumi Graverobber/Nighteyes the Desecrator


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