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Kill It With Mountains - Borborygmos Enraged EDH

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Kill It With Mountains - A Semi-Competitive Land-Based Combo Deck for EDH

Do you love , but prefer winning with flashy combos and unique interactions? Then Borborygmos Enraged might be the commander for you.

Kill It With Mountains is a semi-competitive big-mana combo/control deck, though pinning down its strategy as such is a bit misleading. In truth the deck is highly adaptive, and though most of its win conditions involve combos, it can become more of a control or aggro/ramp deck if it needs to. The deck is even adaptive to your playgroup, and can easily be down-tuned in power or teched with specific answers to combat decks in your meta. Ultimately, this deck is for players who enjoy ramp strategies and large creatures, but prefer more nuanced decision-making.

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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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