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Kill, Exile, and control




This deck as a few main purposes. One of those purposes is to take control of my opponents creatures with cards like grave betrayal and tezeretts greatest ability. Also, I have cards such as rise from the grave and grave betrayal to bring back my creatures from the graveyard. Another main purpose is to mill my opponents with my cards such as Traumatize, Startled awake, talent of the telepath, Jace's greatest ability and also sphinx's tutelage. I also have cards that will give me energy counters such as aethersquall ancient, shipwreck moray, and aether poisoner. all this for getting energy counters is in preparation to use Gonti's aether heart's ability which is to sacrifice that card to allow me to have another turn. I use this ability after I have gained control of all, or most of my opponents creatures. I use cards such as Negate and polymorphist's jest to buy me time and minimize damage given to me. This deck has proven that it takes time to use all of these abilities, but it has shown me that patience is the key with this deck.



TaquitoCourt says... #1

This is the best deck I have ever seen

April 28, 2017 10:55 p.m.

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