Kestia build focused on both cheap, evasive creatures and large indestructible gods. More description coming soon. Please provide feedback and upvote if you like!

One of the benefits of the Enchantress strategy is how amazing it is at drawing cards. Kestia herself is a great card draw engine. Depending on my opening hand, I sometimes hold off on casting her until I can pay for her Bestow cost. It means that she sticks around for more card drawing value after the inevitable board sweeper. Boardwipes don't hurt this deck as much as other aggressive creature-based decks as it is very easy to refuel our hand. Here are some of the other card draw engines:

Tuvasa the Sunlit , Enchantress's Presence , Verduran Enchantress , Mesa Enchantress , Satyr Enchanter , Argothian Enchantress , and Eidolon of Blossoms form the core "Enchantress" package and all draw cards when enchantments are cast or enter the battlefield. As mentioned above, the deck currently runs 43 enchantments/enchantment creatures meaning that these weenies are going to generate a ton of value.

Edric, Spymaster of Trest : This deck is all about turning lots of creatures sideways. Edric can generate a ton of cards in this aggressive deck. He also incentivizes opponents attacking each other.

Ephara, God of the Polis : A card draw engine that also acts as an indestructible beater. Small creatures are constantly entering our battlefield so she can net quite a few cards.

Kor Spiritdancer : A bit more narrow than the other Enchantress cards as she is only triggered by Auras, but the deck does include a fairly high Aura count and she can become a massive threat in her own right.

Most of the ramp in the deck is enchantment-based to synergize with Kestia's Enchantress Package. Farseek and Rampant Growth may seem out of place as sorceries but I found that the deck was lacking enough cheaper ramp options without them. It's important to power out threats ASAP to start the card draw engine humming.

The deck rarely has mana problems due to a relatively low mana curve (a ton of 3-drops and not many cards more expensive than that). Also, we WILL be hitting our land drops consistently because of the large amount of card draw. Here is the ramp package:

Wild Growth , Fertile Ground , Overgrowth , Weirding Wood , Gift of Paradise , and Market Festival are Land Auras that synergize with the Enchantress theme, drawing cards when we have one of the Enchantresses out and working with Estrid, the Masked 's untapping ability.

Karametra, God of Harvests is a large indestructible threat that can massively ramp with the continuous creatures being cast.

Herald of the Pantheon makes all of our enchantments/enchantment creatures cheaper.

Bear Umbra untaps all of our lands upon attack, allowing us to cast all the goodies we're drawing with Kestia's activated ability.

Kruphix, God of Horizons allows us to bank any access mana while being a large indestructible threat.

Similar to our ramp, most of Kestia's removal in enchantment-based as well to synergize with the theme. Cards like Swords to Plowshares , Path to Exile , and Beast Within are undeniably great staples but I decided to take a break from these to include more synergistic options.

Grasp of Fate , Banishing Light & Oblivion Ring : Very flexible removal in enchantment form that can exile any non-land threat.

Song of the Dryads & Imprisoned in the Moon : These Auras are great at handling troublesome Commanders as they don't get sent back to the Command Zone to be recast.

Aura Shards : The deck runs a lot of small and mid-sized creatures. This powerful enchantment can consistently clear problematic artifacts and enchantments.

Winds of Rath : Synergizes with the deck's theme by keeping Kesita's enchanted creatures safe while blowing everything else up.

Supreme Verdict : Included as an affordable, uncounterable board sweeper for when opponents get out of hand.

Kestia and her army of Gods offer their troops divine gifts to pump, protect, and evade:


Ancestral Mask , Empyrial Armor , and Ethereal Armor don't offer evasion but give massive power boosts based on enchantments on the battlefield or cards in hand.

Angelic Destiny , Bear Umbra , Octopus Umbra , Rancor , Unflinching Courage , and Shield of the Oversoul all offer smaller power boosts than the other three but are still respectable buffs while also granting evasion or protection.


Bear Umbra , Octopus Umbra , & Estrid, The Unmasked all effectively grant indestructible with their totem armor abilities.

Shield of the Oversoul grants indestructible to green creatures.

Flickering Ward grants protection to a colour and can be bounced back to hand in order to repeatedly trigger Enchantress effects.


Flitterstep Eidolon , Rogue's Passage , Spirit Mantle , and Unquestioned Authority all make creatures unblockable.

Unflinching Courage , Rancor grant trample.

Angelic Destiny , On Serra's Wings and Shield of the Oversoul all grant flying.

The two main ways the deck is trying to win is either through big indestructible Gods or smaller evasive creatures with the Auras discussed above beefing them up. I find the two-coloured Gods easier to "turn on" as creatures in terms of achieving enough devotion but the mono-coloured Gods are still relatively easy to turn on. Here are some of the main threats in Kestia's army.

Karametra, God of Harvests : As mentioned above, Karametra is great for ramping. The 6 powered indestructible body makes her a large threat too.

Ephara, God of the Polis : Ephara has an efficient power-to-mana ratio, giving you a 6 powered indestructible body for just 4 mana. As explained above, her card draw ability is useful in the deck too.

Kruphix, God of Horizons : Kruphix has lower power than the other Gods in here but both his ability to bank mana and have no maximum hand size are incredibly useful in the deck. Kestia consistently draws a ton of cards and it feels amazing to be able to hang on to them all.

Heliod, God of the Sun : One of the banes of aggro decks is the fear of retribution when you turn your creatures sideways. Heliod's ability to give your army Vigilance is very useful for protection. He also can create enchantment creature tokens which is a great way to sink mana after a board wipe to rebuild.

Thassa, God of the Sea : Thassa is the most difficult God to "turn on" with devotion as Blue is the least frequent colour in the deck. However, her ability to scry and make other threats unblockable is powerful enough to include in the deck.

Nylea, God of the Hunt : Nylea is useful for providing evasion for the rest of the team and, similar to Ephara, she gives you 6 indestructible power for just 4 mana.

Nylea's Colossus : Easily the most effective win con of the deck. Yes, the colossus is 7 mana but it can end games out of nowhere. The doubling up ability can stack up very quickly, turning a moderately-sized evasive creature into a win con.

Bruna, Light of Alabaster : She acts as an Aura-magnet, scooping up Auras from our hand, our graveyard, and the battlefield. As a 5/5 Flying, Vigilance Angel, she is already a respectable threat.

Eidolon of Countless Battles : This eidolon can either pump another creature or be a massive beater in its own right, counting up all the creatures and Auras under your control.

Tuvasa the Sunlit : As well as being a card draw engine, Tuvasa gets huge with all of our enchantments on the field.

Yavimaya Enchantress : Unlike Tuvasa, her ability includes both our own enchantments AND our opponents. She turns into a massive threat very quickly. She doesn't come with built-in evasion but there are a lot of evasive Auras in the deck to help her connect.

Kor Spiritdancer : A +2/+2 bonus for each Aura attached to her is no joke. A lot of the Auras are already enhancing her power so she gets massive quite easily. Not bad for 2 mana.

Archetype of Imagination & Whitewater Naiads : These two aren't beaters themselves but can make Kestia's entire army unblockable out of nowhere, helping us alpha strike our opponents.

Sigil of the Empty Throne : This enchantment poops out a constant stream of angels, easily overwhelming the board.


Updates Add

Adding Hall of Heliod's Generosity from Modern Horizons. It's such a natural fit in here bringing back any enchantment. You can respond to Kestia's attack trigger by activating the Hall. This will put the enchantment nicely into your hand to be cast on the the second main phase.


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