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Kestia, Primal Surge (G/W/U Enchantress EDH)

Commander / EDH Aura Hexproof Enchantment GWU (Bant) Midrange


EDH deck featuring an alternate commander from CMD2018 precon set Kestia, the Cultivator .

Deck is permanents only except Primal Surge that is potential win-con combined with Laboratory Maniac . With all Enchantress -effects and ETB draws in the deck it should be pretty easy to get automatic draw included with Primal Surge (to draw a card from your empty library after spell resolves) so the combo is pretty straightforward to use.

It is however fully random if the card shows up or not, so relying only to it is not the goal. The deck has many draw effects so that obviously helps, though. Other than the Primal Surge gimmick the deck plays out like "going wide" -type enchantress. Instead of pumping one creature value comes from many individual ones. There are many Theros themed stuff in form of enchantment creatures and stuff with Bestow because I like those mechanics and it has actually worked out pretty well.

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