EDH Storm

This deck is a funny thing. It has a completely different play pattern and strategy than any of my other decks, so I love playing and fish bowling it. Its entertaining for me to figure out how to continue chaining together 20+ spells in one turn. Its a fun puzzle to solve.

It's fairly fast and consistent in a 1v1 game often winning on turn 5/6, but its likely to die first in most multiplayer games because people are afraid of losing to combo....and if not, then making everyone sit and watch me figure out how to win the game for 15 minutes on my turn 5 sounds less than ideal too. So I guess its just a 1v1 EDH deck that most people don't want to play against...even though its also following the multiplayer banlist...hmmmm...whatever.

Anyways, I'm looking for ways to improve it. I already know it needs better tutors and lands the most. Thanks!

Any budget friendly suggestions are much appreciated! Especially when suggestions are accompanied by reasons and ideas of what to swap out! Thanks.

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