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Kess, Mage of Dissident Spells

Commander / EDH Casual Tribal UBR (Grixis)



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They say spot removal is bad in commander? Conditions on cards are bad in general? Well, let's run a deck fully packed with conditional spot removal and show them who's Kess!

Every single one of them can be used twice because of her ability, and they're pretty undercosted because of their restrictions. So feel free to cast them whenever you can find a target!

But on the other hand, go easy with those counterspells! Despite of Kess, you can normally just use them one single time (except you have Toshiro Umezawa ... because that's a card). They're mainly against scary enchantments, because once they hit the ground, you can't really do much about them in Grixis colors. There's basically only Scour from Existence that I've cheated in for that reason. So never counter creatures! Those are to die from your masses of removal spells, most likely creating value on their way to the graveyard.

This is a janky and fun-to-play deck for casual environment. It's designed to do okay in a group of experienced players, annoying them with weird spells that sometimes fit hilariously accurate. If you want to hear "what the frog is that?!?" whenever one of your opponent's critters dies, this deck is something for you.

In the maybeboard I've put cards I actually want to run, but don't know what to cut for it yet. In the sideboard I've listed cards that are silly answers I'd love to run as well, but had proven to be too esoteric even for this build. But if your playgroup likes exactly something a spell listed here could beneficially remove - e.g. Dismantle against the mana rocks in common Atraxa brews, or Teferi's Response to "friends" who love to destroy bouncelands - now it could be that spell's finest hour!


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