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Keranos Loves Other People's Cardboard

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Keranos, God of Storms loves stealing other people's cardboard! The deck uses lots of digging spells to consistently hit copy and steal effects. Keranos himself acts as a value engine, drawing through lands or bolting targets while slowly stealing other people's stuff.

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The first few turns involve ramping and digging through the top of the deck for control, copy, and steal effects. Blue is great at digging with many cheap sorceries and instants that can set up the top deck and search for bombs. Once Keranos is online he helps with the digging by drawing through land top decks.

Ramp Cards: Izzet Signet , Myriad Landscape , Darksteel Ingot , Worn Powerstone , Thought Vessel , Mind Stone , Fellwar Stone , Izzet Locket , Temple of the False God , and Commander's Sphere .

Early Dig Cards: Brainstorm , Ponder , Preordain , Serum Visions , Supreme Will , Anticipate , Telling Time , Impulse , Opt , and Desolate Lighthouse

After doing some early ramping and hand sculpting, we can now cast our stealing and copying effects, countering threats when necessary. The late game mass thievery options will be discussed in phase 3. We want to hold on to those for when there are really juicy targets.

Steal Effects:

Bribery : Wow is this card efficiently costed! 5 mana to steal the best creature from any deck. This is commander. There will be some sad soul who will see his Avacyn or Avenger of Zendikar stolen.

Acquire : The artifact version of Bribery. Commander is full of juicy artifacts for the taking.

Sower of Temptation : Great 2-for-1 card. Get a flier and your opponent's beat creature.

Desertion : stealing an important artifact or creature (a commander, perhaps?) as it's being cast.

Besmirch : My favourite single shot "threaten" effect. We're essentially controlling a creature for 2 turns: the turn we steal it and then the next turn when it has to attack someone else. This can create interesting political situations.

Treachery : One of the busted Urza's block "free spells". Steal any creature and then have mana open for countering, drawing, etc.

Control Magic : Not as busted as Treachery but 4 mana to steal a creature is still a good bargain.

Ray of Command : steals at instant speed. It can grab a blocker or an attacker.

Act of Aggression : Another instant speed steal effect. Has a flexible mana cost when you're willing to spend a little life.

Word of Seizing : The split second ability on this is nice. It can shut down combos or an alpha strike in a pinch.

Cloning Effects

Saheeli's Artistry : 2-for-1 special. Even if the Artifact copied is a mana rock, this is still great value.

Mirage Mirror : for only 2 mana it can transform itself into any non-planeswalker on the field. It can make it very tricky for opponents to attack into and makes them wary of playing their best stuff.

Stunt Double : goes along with the typical blue "draw-go" strategy. Flash him in during an opponent's turn for a nasty combat surprise and then pseudo-haste for next turn.

Dack's Duplicate : haste and dethrone are nice mechanics to have on a clone. It can make for some fun surprises.

Clever Impersonator : probably the most flexible clone ever printed. Copy the best permanent out there.

Phyrexian Metamorph : not quite as flexible as Clever Impersonator, but still very good. The fact it can be cast for 3 mana if you pay 2 life is nice too.

Vizier of Many Faces : Comes back a second time after being removed.

Faerie Artisans : copies opponents' juicy ETB triggers whenever they play a creature.


Cryptic Command : Very flexibly can counter, draw, bounce, or tap down.

Desertion : Mentioned already in the steal section. It can be used as a traditional counterspells in a pinch.

Counterflux : especially useful at stopping infinite combos and protecting one's own spells since it can't be countered.

Counterspell : the classic and still one of my faves.

Unwind : A form of "free" counterspells that lets us hold up mana for other effects.

Swan Song : gives them a little birdie in return for countering a spell for just one mana.

Supreme Will : counters greedy players who tap out.


AEtherize + AEtherspouts : Really messes with the opponent's tempo. Gives me some more time to steal and copy threats.

Mystic Confluence + Cryptic Command : Have modes that can help prevent alpha strikes in a pinch.

Illusionist's Gambit : not only saves you but forces that opponent to do your dirty work by attacking someone else. Kinda like goading an entire army.

Vandalblast : One-sided Artifact boardwipe.

By this time we have enough mana to cast our bigger bombs. Our graveyards will be full of instants and sorceries to recur back to hand and we'll be able to copy our bomb cards for the win.

Mass Thievery and Cloning

Rite of Replication : Common blue staple. Make 5 copies of the best ETB creature out there (or Dominus of Fealty !)

Blatant Thievery : steals the best permanents permanently

Molten Primordial : This creature can create massive swings in the board state. He's a big beater in his own right with haste

Reins of Power : can be used either defensively or offensively for combat shenanigans

Insurrection : Classic red finisher. Steal everyone’s entire army and beat them down

Disrupt Decorum : Causes pandemonium by forcing your enemies to attack each other.

Expropriate : most often a Blatant Thievery with a Time Walk attached. Opponents will often scoop if you copy this spell.

Spell Copiers

Mirrorpool , Twincast , and Reverberate all let us copy our key instants and sorceries for extra value.

Graveyard Recursion

Mystic Retrieval : Basic recursion that allow us to bring two spells back to hand.

Flood of Recollection : Cheap recursion for a sorcery or instant.

Mission Briefing : Manipulates the top deck before allowing us cast a spell from the grave.

Spelltwine : Lets us cast both our own best spell and an opponent's best spell.

Mizzix's Mastery and Past in Flames : turn our graveyard into a massive bomb.


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